Monday, 22 April 2013

The bizarre world of Scottish football journalism.

I'd often thought that football journalists in Scotland occupied an alternative universe to the supporters that they're supposedly paid to inform.

The Herald's 'Chief Football writer' confirms this.

He manages to write 15 paragraphs about the departure of chief executive Charles Green from Rangers FC and the rushed appointment of a new chief executive yet he doesn't mention any of the key points that are happening at Rangers. It has to be deliberate.

Joe Bloggs knows what's going on....

Rangers are spending £1million a month while in the 3rd division while their team struggles to beat part time plumbers and painters.

Rangers have no bank credit facility

Rangers assets are in dispute with various claims being lodged on them and it will take at least 3 years to find out who the owners are. Three years that Rangers don't have.

Rangers are seriously looking at another administration / liquidation scenario and I doubt if Duff and Phelps will manage to drag things out for another 6 months like they did the last time.

I could go on but I love football and feel for their supporters. Let down by a useless mainstream media.

Informative coverage by bloggers here and here.

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