Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Draper George goes to Glasgow on St George's Day to spread mischief and fear.

London Chancellor Gideon Osborne is speaking in Glasgow today spreading doom and gloom about the effects of independence. With the usual claim that "it's up to Scotland to decide" he then went off on the usual anti independence rant.

Despite George managing to lose the UK 'AAA' rating ( after saying it was the be all and end all of economic competence) and despite the monthly deficit rising to £15.1Bn with a total debt now way over £1trillion he basically says........

Scotland is too wee and too poor and too stupid to run it's own affairs.

Luckily it's all rubbish and his speech is so dry that it will go way over the heads of most normal voters. The BBC will take the ball from George and run with it all day. But that's ok. They are so discredited and biased against independence anyway that no one listens or watches them for 'news'. Apart from diehard Unionists.

So switch off and ignore.....just like I've just done..click. Bye George.

Time to chill...


  1. George Osborne is one of these people who do our cause a great deal of good.

  2. hi tris....aye hopefully he'll visit more often. And bring call me Dave etc with him as well.


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