Monday, 1 April 2013

SNP's 'Renewables Revolution' sees Orkney lead the way in new moonbeam technology.

Scotland's 'Renewables Revolution' has seen Scotland lead the way in wind and wave power but the latest moonbeam technology has set the benchmark for the rest of the world to follow.

The new moonbeam facility on Orkney ( pic below) is expected to convert the moonbeams into enough electricity to power nearly 100,000 homes. If the trials are successful then the moonbeam facilities will be rolled out across the rest of Scotland.

It is hoped that with a large enough subsidy and a suitable ongoing 'feed in tariff' that domestic solar panels can be upgraded to generate power from moonbeams as well thus allowing them to provide 'green' energy 24/7.

This would require EU approval so may take many years to achieve.

Power from the moonbeams will only be available at night so people will be encouraged to have their baths or showers before going to bed rather in the morning when they get up.

Praise for the groundbreaking technology was heaped upon the SNP Government by BBC Scotland who recently decided to support the 'YES' Scotland campaign for Scottish independence.

This support was echoed by the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson ( below left ) who has also decided to support a 'Yes' vote for independence for Scotland.

Labour leader Johann Lamont ( below ) said that Scotland was too wee and too poor and too stupid to have moonbeam technology and that the money should be invested in mitigating the effect of Labour's bedroom tax instead.

The new moobeam technology is expected to create thousands of 'green' jobs and make Scotland 'carbon negative' by 1st April 2020.

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