Thursday, 25 April 2013

Jim makes it into the Daily Mail.

I thought the story about Labour MP Jim McGovern and his £24 rail ticket claim costing taxpayers £27,000 in legal expenses had finally died down but it's just popped back up in The daily Mail.

The story erupted about 2 weeks ago so I've read the article to see if anything new has turned up.

There's a bit more about IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority ) who now 'control' MPs' expenses after the scandal of a few years ago.

From The Daily Mail article...

"How ironic that the prime focus of IPSA so far seems to have been on empire-building. Its budget for operating costs in 2010-11 was £6.36 million, whereas the cost of previous arrangements, under the aegis of the House of Commons Fees Office, was said to be £2 million."


"The quango is chaired by Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, a lawyer with expertise in health and ethics, who is paid £700 a day. Last year his renumeration package was £85,000. Chief executive Andrew McDonald is paid £108,550 and board members are paid £400 a day — they were recently criticised for charging this for meetings they took part in by phone".

Jim's story remains pretty much unchanged. Nothing to see here please move along now.

The great global warming swindle gets a mention though. From the annual accounts of IPSA...

"The need to adapt to climate change is taken into account when IPSA is designing its policies. A risk assessment will be made of how climate change could affect a policy, programme or project."

IPSA should phone the UK met office. They would explain that global warming ended about 20 years ago.

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