Thursday, 18 April 2013

For sale...A compilation of interviews from STV's 'Scotland Tonight' with Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont .

I'm sure Ms Lamont is charming outside of politics. In fact I saw her once when I visited the Scottish Parliament and you couldn't meet a cheerier person. She actually nodded and smiled as she went past me in one of the corridors.

Unfortunately whenever she enters the politics 'zone' she seems to go totally defensive as if interviewers etc are trying to catch her out. Why does she not just get fully briefed on her subjects and then feel able to speak freely and with confidence ? Safe in the knowledge that she can't be caught out. She could take a leaf out of Nicola Sturgeon's book. She always remains unflappable as the worst of the BBC interviewers try to catch her out.

Ms Lamont's modus operandi for interviews almost always follows the same pattern....

1. Never answer the question asked.

2. Divert the question asked into an attack on the SNP or Scottish independence.

3. If out of her depth and wanting to kill some time then go on a long soliloquy about anything that enters into her mind. It doesn't have to be related to the question at hand but must attack the SNP or Scottish independence.

4. Always look glum and give the impression of being dragged before the cameras against her better judgement.


  1. You should be her biographer. You have her down to a tee.

  2. hi tris....cheers, I'll give it a go ;)

    I saw that Willie Rennie as well and he looked thinner and younger than from on the telly. Seems to like cycling and running all the time so that'll explain it.

    I think politics is just a game to keep us distracted. They're all buddies in the bars and coffee rooms once the shouting at each other is over.


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