Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mr Hush Puppies joins the anti UKIP attacks.

There's been a concerted political attack on UKIP before next weeks English council elections.

I thought I'd heard it all until I read what secretive Bilderberger 'hush puppies' Ken Clarke had to to say about UKIP today.

Speaking in The Daily Mail Ken said that UKIP was full of clowns and waifs and strays and "some of them are saying quite different things now they are in politics then their actual views".

Mr Clark also said that "they [UKIP] of course have not been able to vet their candidates".

This can't be the same Ken Clarke who is on the secretive Bilderberg steering committee and refuses to talk about what goes on at the annual meetings can it ? We have no idea who he rubs shoulders with or what he talks about at this secretive meeting that is sometimes called the 'shadow government'. Despite taxpayers paying his wages we have no idea what is said at the secret meetings or what the views of him or his colleagues are. None at all.

The 2013 Bilderberg meeting is being held at The Grove Hotel in Watford so forget about staying there from June 5th to 9th. Fully booked with the worlds movers and shakers deciding what to do with us all. Once the list of attendees is released we will see who has been picked to climb the political ladder effortlessly. Their views verified and doors opened for them. Previous attendee Rory Stewart MP has risen fast. A new favourite for the political couch and chat show. His every word savoured by the mainstream media as he gives sage advice on the middle east. (He spent a year 'wandering' in Afghanistan).

Ken's secret Bilderberg dates...

1993, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012.

One of the key policies at Bilderberg 2012 was sorting out the Eurozone and especially what to do with Greece.

From The Guardian newspaper...

"Aside from the US presidency, the big debate of Bilderberg 2012 is likely to be: what in Hades do we do about Greece? The Eurozone is Bilderberg's biggest project, but it's been looking distinctly shaky of late. What's to be done? You can feel the unwillingness of Bilderberg to countenance a 'Grexit' in the stern words of Bilderberg spokesperson, the UK member of parliament for Rushcliffe, Kenneth Clarke. To leave the Euro, says Clarke, would be "disastrous" for the Greeks. "If they get a hopeless lot of rather cranky extremists elected at the next election then they will default on their debt." Clarke took the time to brand eurosceptic British MPs "right-wing nationalists", and euroscepticism itself "irresponsible".

Clarke's most telling remark is that: "It's going to take a crisis, an absolute crisis, to make Europe's leaders act." This week's Economist magazine agrees: "For the past six decades, steps forward to greater European union have taken place at moments of incipient crisis."

Clarke's attack on UKIP reflects the Bilderberg agenda of more EU integration. Planned with no democratic scrutiny while locked away under armed guard .

It's extraordinary that our MPs' can meet with foreign powers ( including Russia ) in secret every year to discuss and arrange policies that will effect us all yet there's no accountability and it's kept hushed up for nearly 60 years by the media. Only brought into the blinding light of day by a few bloggers and investigators.


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