Friday, 19 April 2013

Mind control victim spotted in Inverness.

A man known to masquerade as 'leader of the opposition' was spotted in Inverness today. Police have asked the public to be aware of someone mumbling "these strikes are wrong" and have issued this youtube video and e-fit in order to alert the public to the danger of too much champagne socialism and mind control.....

e - fit...from 2009 when running with the 'Bonkers Brown' gang.....

Although he may look harmless enough this man is alleged to have stabbed his own brother in the back in order to gain power and to have been a key lieutenant in the 'Bonkers Brown' gang which specialised in running countries into the ground and then blaming it on someone else. Miliband's alleged role was to fleece 'hard working taxpayers' via the Climate Change Act 2008. This is alleged to be the most successful scam in history and will take £20Bn a year from UK taxpayers for the next 40 years as part of the 'great global warming swindle'. Part of an alleged international conspiracy to defraud taxpayers.


  1. I never realised that drones had been humanised or has he been taking lessons from Johann, dire whatever?

  2. hi cynical...he actually makes Johann look good. Which is worrying...


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