Thursday, 11 April 2013

Scottish independence will be a struggle but will be all the sweeter for it.

With the expected attempt to shut down pro independence blogs now in full swing it's a good time to reflect on what we will gain with independence and how important this opportunity is.

A chance to govern ourselves. Never again to suffer the shame of living under systems such as Thatcherism. An alien concept to Scotland but one which we couldn't prevent due to being a minor player in the UK electoral system. Her 'greed is good' agenda with our essential services and utilities sold to the highest bidder left our energy and banking sector in the gutter. Ripping us off at will as the spivs partied.

If you judge a person by their friends then Maggie's best friend was Pinochet. A brutal dictator who tortured and murdered thousands.

Then we had her heir, the Blair and his wicked sidekicks. War and death.

The only people who have Scotland's interests at heart are Scots in a Scottish Parliament.

We could have been a Norway with £800Bn in a sovereign wealth fund. But our wealth has been frittered away on 'bashing the miners' , closing down our industry, building up the South East of England, fighting pointless wars, Trident, putting millions into low paid jobs requiring tax credits, destroying communities. Take your pick. Add some more.

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