Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mrs Weir presents her petition against the spread of windmills in Scotland to First Minister.

In a follow up to my previous blog, the wife of climber, writer and broadcaster, Tom Weir, presented her 4,500 strong petition to the First Minister Alex Salmond at Bute House in Edinburgh.

The Stop Highland Windfarms petition states: "We the people from all over the world who love Scotland, petition First Minister Alex Salmond and Energy Minister Fergus Ewing to stop the reckless siting of wind turbines in Scotland."

Rhona Weir was on stv news last night and made some good points about the spread of the useless windfarms across Scotland.

One question she asked was what happened to all the old windmills and concrete bases etc when the windmills are no longer of any use ?

I think that once the windmill circus moves on from Scotland in search of bigger and better subsidies elsewhere then we will see the windmills fall into disrepair. There will probably be haggling over whose responsibility it is to remove the metal bits for scrap and that the taxpayer will end up paying.

California is further down the road with the windmill building madness and they have 14,000 rusting hulks at the moment...

I dread to think what Whitelees windfarm will look like in a few years time where the Spanish company 'Scottish Power' has built 215 windmills.

Hopefully all the metal will be removed for scrap but unfortunately the concrete bases will probably just get covered over in soil and left in situ.......

Often it is ancient peatlands and woodlands that are removed to clear the way for the concrete foundations and associated metaled roads etc. They will be lost forever.

This concrete foundation obviously wasn't up to the job. Maybe we could drag the whole thing out in a oner...

Hopefully the First Minister Alex Salmond will pause to reflect after receiving this petition. But I'm not hopeful. Like with the EU, the SNP are deaf and blind to any alternative view when it comes to windmills.


  1. Wind Turbines beat nuclear power stations hands down.
    A 'no brainer' choice.

  2. hi Dave.... A 'no brain' choice.

    There. I fixed it for you ;)

  3. You could almost be a Unionist the way you twisted away from that one Monty.
    I've always regarded wind power as a stop gap till tidal and wave power kick in.
    If you favour nuclear power perhaps you also favour Trident and it's replacement .............say it isn't so?

  4. Hi Dave...I'm against Trident and have written of my opposition in previous blog posts. For all the usual reasons.

    Wind power isn't being used as a 'stop gap'. £20Bn a year will be put in to the wind industry for the next 40 years via the 2008 Climate Bill that Ed Milliband signed.
    Wind needs 100% back up from fossil fueled power stations so won't reduce the number of conventional power stations. We'll have to pay for two systems of power generation running in parallel.

    Wave and tidal is the next scam to come along. They were trying that out when I was in primary school 40 years ago and it still doesn't work. Even if they got it to work the connection charges to the mainland would make it too expensive. Salters duck is stuck in a time warp.

    I didn't used to be so cynical but seeing the money we are wasting is so infuriating.


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