Monday, 15 April 2013

So close.

Thrilling Scottish Cup semi final at Hampden yesterday. Dundee United came so close to playing in the final against Hibernian next month.

Willo Flood for United ( Tangerine above ) ran his heart out. As did the rest of the players. Celtic eventually got the winner when Stokes was brought on in extra time and scored in the 104th minute making it 4-3.

The other semi final was played on Saturday and was also a 4-3 thriller with Hibs eventually overcoming a 3 nil deficit to win the game. It was a fantastic game with first division Falkirk being 3 nil up after just half an hour. Many of the Hibs fans were seen walking out of Hampden thinking that their team was dead and buried. I wonder how they felt when their team clawed the game back and came out eventual winners ? Football supporters can be a fickle bunch. The Hibs manager Pat Fenlon was asked what he thought of some of his fans deserting his team after just half an hour and replied that he wished he could have walked out with them !

The people in charge of football in Scotland must be spitting tacks this morning as they warned of 'Armageddon' when Rangers had to apply to join the third division due to going into liquidation. They had wanted the football governing rules to be ignored and Rangers allowed to enter the SFL First Division or ideally to stay in the Scottish Premier League.

The two semi final games at the weekend didn't look like 'Armageddon' to me.


  1. Some one told me during one of these games a goal scorer (it may have been at the end of the game or when the goal was scored) lifted there shirt (so to speak) and had Yes 2014 printed underneath on a t shirt.

    He may have been taking the piss, he knows my political predilections...

    Did any one else notice it or have I been duped? (Happens all the time... ;-)

  2. hi pa...I must admit I didn't see this act of Anti Better Together mischief making ;)
    Taking the shirt off and waving it around in the air is usually reserved for southerners.
    The Celtic player Anthony Stokes scored the deciding goal and is from Ireland so wouldn't be interested in our referendum to that extent I wouldn't think.
    But you never know...good rumour to start ;)

  3. Oh forgot to say. I didn't see any 'shirt lifting' ( ooh err missus) with similar intent at the Hibs V Falkirk game either. But it may have happened.


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