Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dave shown the door.

Call me Dave was being grudgingly humoured by his German host Frau Merkel and then he goes and spoils it all by asking for 're negotiations' on the EU and is shown the door. Dave knows that the Lisbon Treaty doesn't allow for 're negotiations' or a 'new relationship' with Europe. He can either get us out ( via Article 50 ) or stay quiet about the EU. Luckily for him no one seems to know this in the mainstream media so he's allowed to waffle on indefinitely.

It's a real shame as the trip had been going really well before this fall out and there was even a wee sing song...


  1. Auf Wiedersehen Pet....

    I knew he wouldn't get anywhere with her. She's smarter and more powerful than he is.

    She matters. He doesn't.

    She may be out of office soon, but he might as well be now and will be soon.

    She is respected; he's a laugh a minute that everyone tries not to smirk at.

    I don't know why he doesn't (what was it he said to us) get on with it, instead of having a Neverendum ho ho f'ing ho.

    What a tube!

  2. hi tris..aye he's just a shiny faced empty suit controlled from above.

    But more importantly though...what about the babe in the video ;)
    Don't think I've seen her before.


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