Friday, 5 April 2013

Lady on £250k a year plus exes thinks £9,000 a year is chicken feed.

Political 'scientist' and Principal of St Andrews University Louise Richardson thinks £9,000 a year is 'very little' for an education.

It's very little for some of the hooray henry's who go to St Andrews Uni I suppose but a real turn off for kids from poorer backgrounds.

In this pic a hooray henry buys champagne and pours it over himself outside of Tescos in St Andrews in order to show how wealthy he is compared to the local proles....

Hopefully we can keep our no tuition fees policy in Scotland and ignore political scientists who live in a bubble and who never leave the world of academia.

Sadly, whenever the LibLabCons get control in Scotland again then tuition fees will be introduced as surely as night follows day.


  1. She was the one who, on appointment and viewing the principals house decided she HAD to have a new bathroom, at phenomenal expense to the university.

    It was installed to her plans, before her arrival in St Andrews. When she took up her pot and moved in, it wasn't to her liking and had to be ripped out and started again... at phenomenal cost to the university.

    That's the kind of world she lives in.

    A bubble.

    I don't so much mind that these people live in a world apart. What I object to is that they transfer their estimated value of things to the rest of us, who maybe have to live on less than £9000 a year.

  2. hi tris...cheers for that info. Will be able to expand on my post later. I see she's married to a doctor (MD ?) so that will help to keep the wolves from her door.


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