Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Good luck Mrs Weir.

Thousands of Scots will be with Mrs Weir in spirit today as she attempts to talk some sense into First Minister Alex Salmond over his madcap windmill building scheme.

Rhona Weir is the widow of Tom Weir who entertained millions of Scots with stv's 'Weir's Way'. It brought the great outdoors to the bleak housing schemes of Scotland and got us wanting to go out and explore our beautiful countryside.

I had a look through some of Tom's old programmes on youtube and his views seem to chime with mine on the climate. In this video from Glen Affric Tom talks about how the great Caledonian forests thrived in a warmer period as can be seen by studying the peat bogs. The colder years had a great impact on the forests and stunted their growth. All of this happened long before man came along and invented the global warming myth......

I wonder how Tom would feel were he alive today if he saw his beautiful country covered in these uselss industrial turbines.

If I had a chance to speak to the First Minister then I would ask him a few basic questions...

1.Do you know that the met office has said that there's been no 'global warming' for nearly 20 years despite a massive increase in the supposed culprit CO2 ?

2.Do you know that windmills need 100% back up from fossil fuelled power stations and cause an increase in CO2 ?

3.Do you know that all the figures given by windmill companies are inaccurate and that they only provide 30% at best of the claimed output with some windfarms such as Whitelees near Eaglesham managing just 21.9 % ?

4.Do you know that the only people who gain from windmill building are the builders/operators and the people who rent land to the builders with the rest of us paying for them via increased fuel costs ?

5.Do you know that for every supposed 'green job' that 3 real jobs are lost as the money is wasted on windmills ?

I suspect that Mrs Weir will be charmed by the First Minister but that the ideology is too ingrained in the SNP to make them change tack from their madcap 'renewable revolution' rubbish.


  1. Your 100% correct. But the SNP wants us in the EU. The only party with a rational energy policy (gas/ nuclear/ (short-term) coal) is UKIP. I'm voting for them; independence just means were under the control of Brussels. Energy + EU = I'm voting NO to independence.

  2. Hi anon..yes it's a tricky one. I want independence but also want out of the EU but there's no one representing me.
    I doubt if the UK will ever get the chance to get out of the EU so I'll vote for independence.

  3. I think there's a much better chance of leaving the EU if we stay in the UK with UKIPs growing presence. I'd like to go down your route of thinking, but every time I hear the SNP talk about Europe it's in such gushing tones that I can never see them leaving it. Even Cameron occasionally talks tough over the EU, but Salmond/ Sturgeon never seem to do this.

    One of the reasons for this, I am sure, is that the EU would - in the SNPs view - provide Scotland with an umbrella should things go very very wrong. A bail out of jail free card, if you like.

    Independence in the EU is an oxymoron. You'd think that the SNP, of all parties, would grasp this.

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Bertie...I think UKIP will be stamped on hard if it ever looks like they will gain enough seats to get us out of the EU. The intolerance they get at the moment is just a small taster of what they will get if the establishment thinks they're getting too big. And even supposing the UK does get out of the EU it still means that Scotland would be controlled from Westminster with Labour and the Tories taking turns to undermine Scotland and take our wealth.
    So I'll go for independence and hope the EU collapses. It's on it's last legs now anyway and can't go on much longer as it is.
    You're right 'Independence in Europe..oxymoron alert...how 'independent ' do Ireland, Cyprus, Greece etc feel. Controlled by an unelected troika from outside their country for generations to come.

  5. Nice talking to you, Monty. Interesting/ scary times.

  6. You too Bertie...thanks for stopping by. Interesting times ahead right enough.


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