Thursday, 25 April 2013

I'll never be a 'trainspotter'. Phew.

Much excitement in our area yesterday with the classic steam train 'Union of South Africa' passing through on a UK tour.

A sizeable crowd assembled to watch it fly through at about 70mph to be gone in a flash. Didn't even hoot it's horn or whatever it's supposed to do.

I managed this action shot...

This was the train I should have photographed...

In mitigation the newspaper that told us when to assemble to view the rare spectacle had forgotten to mention that there were actually two steam trains going about. One was towing the engine for the 'Union of South Africa' to Aberdeen where the 'South Africa' would then return leisurely south and we would be able to wave at it and admire it.

Most folk were away having their tea or a pint by then.

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