Monday, 29 April 2013

Former UK Ambassador calls for urgent intervention to monitor the blatant BBC bias against Scottish independence.

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray has been keeping an eye on the blatant bias at BBC Scotland against Scottish independence and has filed a new blog post about his concerns. He is calling for urgent overseas intervention from human rights groups in order to rein in the extraordinary bias from BBC Scotland.

He mentions Sally Magnusson ( pictured above) in his report and she is one of the worst offenders in my book. I remember making the mistake of watching her 'special report' on the history of Scotland ( with a selected studio audience ) and I nearly put my foot through my propaganda transmitter.

She rubbished all of the achievements of Scots and sneered at Sir William Wallace and anything that happened in Scotland before the 'Act of Union'.

Here's Craig's post....

"BBC the New Hammer of the Scots".

" I’d Hammer out Danger – I’d Hammer Out a Warning.

BBC anti-Scots propaganda is moving beyond the risible towards the truly chilling. On the 26 April the first words on Reporting Scotland, issued by Unionist poster girl Sally Magnusson (no nepotism there) in sepulchral tones, were “There is a warning tonight” – that nobody, public or private , would get their pension paid properly after independence.

This gave my friend Kirsten a feeling of deja vu, and she did a quick trawl of the BBC’s continued and repetitive use of the words “Scottish independence” and “warning” in the same sentence. This is what she came up with:

“Scottish independence: Pension shortfall warning”

“UK Treasury warning that an SNP plan for a currency union after independence”

“Scottish independence: Warning over ‘weakened military’”

“Scottish independence: ‘Havoc’ warning from pensions firm”

“Scottish independence: Luxembourg warns against ‘going separate ways’”

“Scottish independence: Barroso warning on EU membership”

“Scottish independence: Michael Moore issues warning over vote question”

“Scottish independence: ‘Border checks’ warning from home secretary”

And I can’t omit this brilliant spoof:

“Warning for SNP over renewable energy”,/p>

Please note this amazing litany – and I use the word litany carefully, a verbal repetition to inculcate belief – includes only those where the deliberate practice of repetitive coupling of “independence” and “warning” has been captured by being written on the website; there are hundreds of other examples of broadcast, spoken use of the words “Warning” and “Scottish independence” in the same sentence by the BBC.

The presentation of every one of the above stories was in the most tendentious and anti-independence manner conceivable. They have all been countered and comprehensively rebutted.

By contrast, there are no BBC headlines that promote positive claims about Scottish Independence. You will look in vain for headlines that say “Yes campaign says independent Scotland will be eighth richest country in the world” or “Official GERS report shows Scotland’s public finances much healthier than those of the UK”. Such headlines just do not exist. Reporting Scotland or Newsnight Scotland has never, never been led by a positive story about independence. It has been led on dozens of occasions by the negative.

It astonishes me that even the use of the most obvious and blatant state propaganda techniques by the BBC do not result in any serious reaction from the political establishment. I repeat my call on Alex Salmond to request the intervention of the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) of the OSCE to monitor the referendum and in particular to start immediately Phase 1 media monitoring. I am writing to Alex Salmond and to Chris Patten – both of whom at different times have been guests in my home -to seek a meeting on this issue of BBC bias".

What a sad indictment on a once respected broadcaster and a once proud country. Having to consider calling in media monitors and election monitors. BBC Scotland is turning us into a banana republic.

The 'Better Together' anti Scottish independence campaign trumpet their £2m 'war chest' but this is peanuts compared to the millions in free backing from the BBC and the rest of the biased media in Scotland that they are receiving.


  1. Bravo. Great posts, both from you and Craig.

    I see the horrific bee killers have been temporarily banned. Good news for the little nest of bees in my garden.

  2. hi tris..cheers...I see that the bee pesticide ban was a 'massive blow' to the SNP's Richard Lochhead according to BBC Reporting Scotland tonight lol....things will never change without outside intervention unfortunately.

  3. hi tris....listened on i player to the Reporting Scotland 6.30pm news again.....was only a 'blow' rather than a 'massive blow' to Environment Minister Richard Lochhead.
    No right to reply for the SNP though. As usual.

  4. Erm.was it not a massive blow for the UK government and the Tory party who receive massive funding from the company that manufactures the pesticide. Still they can always say that they tried and blame it on foreigners.

    TBH I don't have the foggiest idea what the Scottish government's view on it is, but they didn't have a vote in Brussels anyway so it doesn't matter a stuff what they thought...even if agriculture is within their remit.

  5. hi tris...aye it was a massive blow to a lot of folk I think ;)

    The Scottish Govt favoured a 'wait and see' policy as well unfortunately. At least that's what Mr Lochhead was quoted as saying. FWIW.
    I think they thought that the stuff that farmers will now use instead of the neothingymagigs might be even worse.

  6. Hmmm... well, let's see. If it is worse we'll ahve to get rid of that too.

    Quite simply without bees we are all doomed... so they better get working on it.

    If they spent as much money on that as they do on having the power to kill millions maybe they could come up with an answer.

    Silly me... why would they do that?

    Well they need to remember that simply being indecently rich and posh and having gone to Eton won't save them if all the bees are dead.

    They will die just the same as ordinary people. Won't that be a shame?

  7. hi tris...I think there are 'secret' underground farms where all the shiny faced empty suits get their food from post armageddon. Read about it on tinternet so it must be true...

  8. Of course...silly me.

    I wonder how we can get down and sabotage them....


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