Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Some Dundee landmarks.

If you manage to negotiate all of the roadworks then there are plenty of things to see and do in Dundee. I'll update these pics whenever I go into the city with my camera. The mcmanus gallery is excellent and has a good cafe as well..


You like monuments ? We do monuments. Robert Burns and Queen Victoria....

Desperate Dan and his creators....DC Thomson.

The Howf cemetery with the Law Hill in the background on the 2nd pic...

Wee shops and big shops..


  1. Do you know what DC Thomson is doing with that building? It seems to be empty!

    Poor auld Robbie seems to be pretty much covered in bird shit... That's what happens when it doesn't rain for a couple of days, I guess.

  2. hi tris.. I'm not sure about the dcthomson building. I saw some folk inside at the main desk. Maybe they will sell it off for student accommodation.
    Sad seeing Robertson's Furniture store closed down (new pic).
    Aye poor Rabbie...although it's supposed to be good luck if a seagull picks you out...good omen for independence ?

  3. oops..lost my new pics somewhere...will get around to updating later.


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