Friday, 5 April 2013

Dundee smokestack might win white elephant competition to replace Tayside House.

Competition was fierce but it looks like the proposed Dundee smokestack (above) might win the white elephant competiton to replace the old Tayside House council building that is being removed in Dundee 'brick by brick'(below)..

Air tests were carried out and the wood burner will be very green and supply 85% of Dundee's energy needs etc etc. yadda yadda yadda.

SSE which will support Forth Ports in the venture was recently fined £10m for misleading nearly 1 million customers using sharp sales practices that saw customers pay hundreds of pounds extra in their heating bills.

I noticed the main road leading to the proposed site for the smokestack was closed to traffic for months during the air testing so I wonder if that effected the NO2 quality checks.

The 3 primary schools that were found to be in the pollution fallout zone the last time this turd was proposed are still there as far as I know

It's bizarre to even consider this project while the waterfront is being re developed with plans for a new Victoria and Albert museum, railway station, Malmaison development of the famous old Tay Hotel, new swimming pool, RRS Discovery with museum etc.

Shipping old wardrobes from around the world to burn on Dundee's beautiful new waterfront is a terrible crime.

Roll on the 'SNP's Renewables Revolution'. Not.

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