Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bilderberger amongst 'Better Together' pro Union donors ?

Some interesting donors to the pro Union 'Better Together' campaign against Scottish independence.

From The Herald newspaper story........"among the big donors was Douglas Flint CBE, the Glasgow-born chairman of global super-bank HSBC."

Douglas Flint is listed as an alleged Bilderberger attendee in 2011 here.

Bilderberg is where all key decisions on future strategy worldwide are decided so a pro UK policy must be a key objective.

George Osborne was also at Bilderberg in 2011 according to The Guardian.

HSBC were recently fined $1.9Bn

The US department of justice said HSBC had moved $881m for two drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia and accepted $15bn in unexplained "bulk cash", across the bank's counters in Mexico, Russia and other countries. In some branches the boxes of cash being deposited were so big the tellers' windows had to be enlarged.

Chairman Douglas Flint was in a top role while the money laundering activities were still going on.

Also from The Herald newspaper....,

" The largest cheque, for £500,000, came from Ian Taylor, a Scots oil trader....and... chief executive of Vitol Plc.

According to the Daily Mail Vitol got sole rights to Libyan oil business during the recent civil war and was also involved in sanctions busting during Saddam Hussein's regime.


  1. hi cynical...heck, the whole kitchen sink is in there...including the famous EBT schemes that got the rangers in hot water lol


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