Thursday, 25 April 2013

Playing games while our bees die.

Despite top Scottish scientists long clamouring for a ban on pesticides called neonicotinoids that are a danger to our bees I notice that the EU has only just woken from it's slumbers and will put the idea of a ban to a vote next Monday.

This highlights the impotence of the UK in drafting any of it's legislation as most laws are now subservient to the EU.

Love for the EU means the SNP will take all the accusations thrown at it over failing to introduce any ban in Scotland despite it's top scientists warning of the dangers. The SNP will blame Westminster rather than the real culprits over in Brussels.

This love of the EU prevents the SNP from countering misleading headlines in Unionist papers like The Herald which stated last year.....

"The Scottish Government has come under fire for failing to ban pesticides blamed for poisoning bees and threatening Scotland's £100 million soft fruit industry".

The Herald knows that the SNP knows that it knows that it's nothing to do with Scotland and that we must wait for EU legislation to ban anything in Scotland.

It's silly games like these that infuriate people with a functioning brain cortex.

The bees will lose their memory and we will lose an essential insect if this stupidity goes on for much longer.

Last word to someone who knows what he's talking about but won't be listened to...

Professor Dave Goulson from the University of Stirling. "I agree that neonicotinoids should be withdrawn pending further investigations,"

That was last year sometime. And no one is listening.


  1. In the meantime the Tories will block the EU legislation from going through because the people who make the pesticide are huge donors to the party.

  2. hi tris..the Tories have no power to block any EU Legislation. It's done on 'majority voting' in Brussels and is binding on the UK Govt. If we try to defy EU Legislation then the UK will be fined. It doesn't matter if we refuse to pay any fines as these are taken off of us at source via our contributions to the EU.
    The unelected commission who make up the policies that are then rubber stamped by the EU 'parliament'. Nice.

  3. Well, if you say so Monty... but it remains that no matter what the EU does about the Brits won't do anything because Lord Snooty's mates make billions from it... and that is what government in Britain is about. Making money for your mates, and waiting for the payback when you are in the House of Lords with a shedload of fat bastard titles.

  4. hi tris...troughing in the house of lords or the EU. Or both if you're a top trougher like Baroness Ashton etc.


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