Monday, 1 April 2013

Better Together by staying in the Union ?

Glasgow Labour 'hard man' Ian Davidson MP was confronted by a constituent with a camera and did a quick foxtrot oscar.

Mr Davidson was protesting in Glasgow against the bedroom tax despite not actually voting against the tax. He was posted 'absent'during the vote.

Mr Davidson acquired his tough reputation after allegedly threatening a woman with 'a doing' ( Scots slang for a good beating) if she divulged the details of a discussion she had with him. Mr Davidson has always denied that any such threat took place.

Interestingly he claims in the video to have "voted No" and to have "voted against the government" on the issue of the bedroom tax. There were a lot of folk 'absent' on the day of the vote which allowed the bedroom tax to go through. Maybe that's how 'democracy' works in the UK.

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