Friday, 26 April 2013

Scary anti Scottish independence story number 6666123

I see that the Unionist newspapers in Scotland have colluded with today's anti Scottish independence story.

"Pensions timebomb fear if Scots back independence"

Apparently....."Employers would be forced to plug gaping holes in exposed pension schemes immediately as underfunded "cross-border" schemes are not allowed under the EU's Pensions Directive."

Putting aside the fact that the EU makes things up as it goes along ( see Greek pensioners etc )and will happily allow member countries to dip into people's pension savings to pay off EU troika debts whenever they feel like it......what about the fact that the UK pension system is already a total basket case and we have been warned for decades to sort it out ?

The IMF recently warned of a £750Bn 'pension time bomb for the UK unless it was all sorted out. I'd put the figure at double that.

The anti independence newspaper stories are liberally dowsed with the standard 'maybe's' and 'possibly's ' and 'might's ' to cover their backs and give them deniability later on down the line.

Scary story 6666109 from these 'news' papers was that an independent Scotland would be 'kicked out' of the EU. But just in case we do get in there will be a pensions 'time bomb' will there ? I wonder if they work late into the night to write this pathetic dross ?

Most people who buy these types of 'news' papers must be staunch Unionists who will never change so why do they bother ?


  1. There is a pensions time bomb regardless, as you say.

    Many of the government schemes are not funded...not is retirement pension.

    If people insist on living longer and more and more pensioners are taking more and more out then the time bomb will explode.

    Being a small part of England isn't going to make that better; being a part of a very very rich oil nation might.

    I'd say that if you are worried about your pension, go with independence, unless of course you are part of the small group at the top that the Tories of whatever colour will ensure have everything they ever need.

  2. hi tris..yes UK pensions are the ponzi scheme to beat all ponzi schemes. I think people actually believe that their contributions go into a sealed pot somewhere and are invested wisely. The pot is actually empty and has an IOU for over £1Bn lying in the bottom.

    Norway saved it's oil wealth and can comfortably pay it's pensioners from the £800Bn oil wealth fund that is invested worldwide on every investment option possible.
    The UK threw the money away on Maggie's de industrialisation programme, overseas adventures, Trident, SE England infrastructure improvements etc....


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