Saturday, 27 April 2013

Shurely shome mishtake ?

From The Scotland on Sunday Poll...

Is Johann Lamont a credible candidate for First Minister?

Yes..... 10318 (67%)

No...... 5064 (33%)

Her performance in the Scottish Parliament has been way below what you would expect from a prospective First Minister. Constantly running down Scotland and portraying us as too wee and too stupid and too poor to stand on our own two feet in the world.


  1. She was trotting along at 18% for days and then all of a sudden over-night she was, incredibly, rated at 60%!! A sign, and a warning, of things to come, methinks!

  2. ha ha cheers John...I suspected as much. I'm sure I remember previous hootsmon polls experiencing similar 'problems' in the past ;)


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