Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review. BBC Reporting Scotland. ( so you don't have to)

1. Conspiracy of silence about the effects of independence on Scotland apparently.....

Michael Moore waffling as usual.

Cliche's galore...sleepwalking into independence....NATO won't want us etc blah blah

2. Margaret Thatcher....

'Many' Scottish Labour MPs' hated Thatcher and boycotted the Thatcher memorial in parliament but the SNP liked her apparently.

Hideous Rifkind soliloquy. Disgusting Ed Milliband .

Angus Robertson mentions poll tax.

3.Rangers Football Club.

BBC wakens up from it's slumbers over the Rangers saga. A year too late and long after the horse has bolted.

Ticketus claims it didn't know about Craig Whyte apparently. No 'google' facility at Ticketus ? Or £3 to do a companies house check ?

4.Metal theft effects us all and costs hundreds of millions of pounds.

Yawn. Old story.

Police foiled as the thieves strike at night and use big vans.....the stinking rotters.

Tougher laws will stop it. Not.

5.A man can't get from Scotland to England as he doesn't have a passport.

Oh hang on he can use his driving license but that's not a good story.

Could have got a free passport but they would have to investigate his lost one.

Dire story.

6. Food bugs on ferry, lottery money, gongs and pies.

7. Sport. ( pronounced spawrt).

Rangers again.

Stewart Regan from the SFA.....he not resigned yet ? Clueless man....out of his depth.

MASSIVE match between Partick Thistle and Morton !!. Must win match ? Yes it's a must win match. Is it a must win game ? Yes but one game at a time. 2 horse of two halfs, tight division the 1st. Bonus..bread and butter..good show..very talented..cracker...should be.....a cracker

8. Two roadworkers get an award for being twins.

Challenges, rescues, entombed, 100yrs of service.

9. Weather

Dry, change, wet, rain, dry, shower, brightness,sunshine, fresh, lighter,high pressure, low pressure, wet, windy, dry.

Key points successfully fed to the masses......

A..Independence is DANGEROUS.

B...The SNP were pro Maggie but Scottish Labour weren't.

C...It's awkward getting to England without a passport.Imagine if we were independent !

D... The Rangers scandal is all Craig Whyte's fault and is nothing to do with spivvery, establishment cover ups and unusual handshakes.


  1. You mean Mrs McGinty's cat has been rescued from that tree or has it been relegated?

    ps re-check that my last link on previous thread, interesting times.

  2. hi cynical...Mrs McGinty was replaced by something about a pie.

    'Interesting' times right enough ;)


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