Saturday, 6 April 2013

A small symbol of freedom extinguished in Prague.

From Christopher Booker's article in The Telegraph..

"A proud boast of the EU’s only Eurosceptic head of state, the Czech President Vaclav Klaus, was that during his time in office, which ended last week, he never allowed the EU’s ring-of-stars flag to fly over Hradcany Castle, his imposing palace looking down over Prague. Symbolically, last week his successor, Milos Zeman, was accompanied by the European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, to see the EU flag being raised above Hradcany for the first time. A crowd of several hundred Czechs booed and whistled as they watched what they saw as a moment of national humiliation – although it only brought the palace into line with the government ministries in the city below, each of which has hanging outside its door the ring of stars alongside the Czech flag, in acknowledgement of how their country is now governed. If our own [UK]Government wanted to be honest, shouldn’t it do the same?"

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