Monday, 22 April 2013

Scary story about Scottish independence number 24366

Apparently no one will want Scottish banknotes if we gain independence. Having sizeable oil reserves counts for nothing apparently.

Mind you I've never managed to get my Scottish banknotes recognised in England anyway so I doubt if we'll see any difference post independence. Even if they really are 'legal tender' as the comedian Michael McIntyre liked to joke about. I always change my Scottish notes into English notes before heading south.

Michael McIntyre..."I think you'll find pal..that's legal tender".....

From the usual sources....

"Mr Osborne said yesterday the SNP “are tying themselves in knots” over plans to retain the pound".

The tories know all about' tying themselves in knots'. Kinky beggars.

"In an article co-written with Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander, Mr Osborne said a currency union could only work as part of a political and economic union".

A former 'towel folder' who has managed to lose our 'AAA' rating and a former park attendant teaching us economics...gotta larf. Although the useless EU has shown that you can't have a currency union without a political union so fair enough with that comment I suppose.

"Meanwhile, former chancellor Alistair Darling said SNP ministers were backing themselves into a corner, between handing economic control over an independent Scotland to London or creating a Scottish currency".

"Mr Darling, the leader of the Better Together campaign, said the Nationalists’ “contortions” on economic and monetary policy lacked credibility".

Mr Darling mentioning 'credibility'. I thought irony died when Kissinger got the Nobel peace prize and Bliar got the middle east peace envoy job ?

Oh well it's looking good for the wee Scottish bawbee anyway.

Back the bawbee !!!...

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