Sunday 12 May 2013

We can't ''make our own decisions" in the EU Pete.

"SNP MPs will reject Eurosceptic Tory moves to introduce an early EU referendum that would take place before Scotland had time to achieve independence from the rest of the UK."

I don't know where this SNP obsession for being part of the EU is coming from. They're determined to stop Scots from having a say on whether we want to stay part of the EU. I don't know anyone who wants to stay in the EU. Independence in Europe is an oxymoron. How independent are Greece, Cyprus, Ireland etc ? Bankrupted by the EU and strapped to the EU teat for generations. Their leaders just doing what they're told by the EU troika.

Pete Wishart SNP MP goes on to say......

"There would be no chance whatsoever of us supporting Tory backbenchers in their ­obsession with getting out of European membership. We are in favour of Scottish independence. We are not interested at all in the Conservative right wing’s plans for a referendum on Europe. For us it is about making sure our country is ­independent in 2016 and ­making its own decisions".

I don't know any law or piece of legislation that isn't subservient to EU / ECHR law or legislation so how can we be independent inside the EU and "making our own decisions" ? It's not possible.

EU Law is made by an unelected commission whose laws are rubber stamped by an EU 'Parliament' using majority voting.

The Scottish government will have zero influence on determining what laws are used to govern us from the EU. Our fishing industry etc will continue to be pillaged by foreign vessels. Our oil and gas sector is being eyed up at the moment with new rules and regulations being proposed by the EU.

Norway has built up an £800Bn sovereign wealth fund while we have nothing. Norway trades freely with the EU via the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). This is the correct way to go Pete.

The EU isn't a democracy. It's just a dictatorship reminiscent of the old Soviet Union. EU Commissioners are just the cronies selected to either get them out of the way or to keep them quiet. Unelected, unelectable and generally hated.

No wonder the EU is often referred to as the EUSSR.

Some previous unelected Commissioners making "the decisions"....

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