Thursday 16 May 2013

BBC Scotland caught " misleading listeners and breaching rules on conflict of interest ".

Not content with running a campaign against independence for Scotland BBC Scotland has now been caught telling porkies to a listener and changing news stories to cover for one of it's presenters.

"BBC Scotland dropped a report into problems at the Glasgow Science Centre because a news presenter had appeared in an advertisement for the attraction, a damning report has found"

Freelance presenter Colin Kelly had been in an STV advert for the Science Centre so the BBC News editor dropped the story about the problems at the centre presumably to spare his blushes.

A listener who complained was generally fobbed off ( sounds very likely....if you've ever complained to BBC Scotland ).

The report found a..."clear breach of the guidelines on conflicts of interest as the news agenda of Morning Briefing had been distorted to take account of the presenter's appearance in a television advertisement".

Mr Robertson ( who complained to the BBC )said: "How can we trust BBC Scotland's journalism when controversial stories are dropped due to senior managers not being able to follow their own guidelines?"

Join the club buddy.

Only a dismantling of the biased BBC and a return of our £146 tv tax ( paid on threat of prison) will solve the problem.


  1. Hear hear. Of all the taxes I have to pay this is the one I reset most. £146 for a pile of UK propaganda and rubbish low level television to pay "stars" like Bruce Forsyth mega bucks, and support dodgy sexual activity in dressing rooms and green rooms...

    Why won't the Tories who would sell their own grandmothers, privatize the place, or at least most of it.

  2. hi tris...yeah £146 tax for the rubbish on BBC3 etc and the blatant propaganda. And if you don't pay up they will quickly set the dogs onto you.

    It provides a nice home for failed polticians ( stinky Purnell, disgusting chris patten etc ) to trouser £400K a year so they will never scrap the goose that lays the golden turd.


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