Saturday 4 May 2013

Buckfast 'tonic' wine won't be affected by minimum pricing...despite what MSPs' say.

With news that Buckfast has been linked to nearly 7,000 crimes in Scotland in the last 3 years some MSPs' think that the minimum pricing of alcohol to 50p a unit will help to solve the problem.

"Alison McInnes MSP, the Scottish Lib Dems’ justice spokeswoman, said: “A bottle of tonic wine might be cheap but these figures show Scotland pays a high price for the ­problems that ­excessive drinking can cause in our communities.

“We have already seen moves towards minimum pricing that will help reduce problem drinking.

A 75cl bottle of buckfast costs about £6.80p and contains about 11 units of alcohol.

At 50p per unit minimum price under the new proposals then buckfast is already about £1.50 above the minimum price per bottle that would be set so wouldn't be affected.

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