Saturday 18 May 2013

Harrow educated public schoolboy accused of being "Scottish Nationalist fascist scum"

As predicted the media have had a field day attacking the SNP and the pro independence 'Yes Scotland' campaign after the protests against Nigel Farage's visit to Edinburgh.

This was despite no one from the SNP or 'Yes Scotland' actually being present and the protest being organised by the 'Radical Indpendence' group.

Max Crema ( in photo above on the right) who attended the protest and is a member of Radical Independence is actually a Harrow educated public schoolboy who is now a publicly funded trustee (circa £18K per annum) with EUSA ( Edinburgh University Students Association). He's also a member of the Labour Party. Hardly a 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum'.

Mr Crema narrowly won a motion of no confidence after tweeting 'fuck old people' and blogging 'Why we spit in your drinks' while under suspension for the 'fuck old people ' remarks.

The vote of no confidence also accused Mr Crema of.....

"Not giving students a proper voice in January when, after a vote, the association adopted the position that ‘there should be no Royal Family’ on behalf of all Edinburgh University students. This followed the adoption of Princess Anne as the chancellor of the university.

Finally, the motion of no confidence in Mr Crema refers to EUSA obtaining a court order to prevent the publication of an article in the university’s newspaper The Student two months ago."

So he hates old people and isn't keen on Royalty and is a member of the Labour party who supports radical independence and he obtains court orders to prevent newspaper articles.

I'm not sure what the term for this type of person is.

Certainly not a 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum'.

More a very naughty potty mouthed posh boy.


  1. Nigel Farage doesn't care what the truth of that matter is. He's a political opportunist who appears to see the world in his own particular way (usually it seems though the bottom of a glass)

    The fact that there was no anti Englishness about it and that Nigel has forgotten that the union flag is a UNION flag, not the English flag; that there was no SNP members involved; that one of the organisers was English, that the rest of them were members of a hard left organisation which would be against the kind of fascism that Farage stands for (anti jew, anti foreigner, anti-muslim, anti-gay, anti-women) regardless of what country he was in doesn't matter to him.

    He's a lying sack of shit, who couldn't even take a serious question for radio Scotland, an anti nationalist organisation, with stomping off in the "everyone's against me" huff.

    Go back to the pub in Strasbourg and neglect your duties and Britain's interest some more Nigel. After all, it's not in your personal interest that the committees you miss should actually work in Britain's favour is it?

  2. hi tris...the whole scenario was obviously a well publicised set up.
    His 'tiff' with BBC Scotland was pushing credibility to breaking point so I suspect they will amend things for the next scenario.

  3. I suspect that the guy who tweeted racist tweets actually against SCOTS and who resigned, was actually sacked, and I bet Farage is incandescent with him...if he's sober enough to be.

  4. Farage enjoys a he isn't all bad then ;)

  5. Well, as I said in my first comment, there are documented complaints about him being too drunk to go to committee meetings where our interests might have been served by his vote... so I think you could say he MORE than LIKES a pint, or he LIKES MORE than a pint or something.

    Whatever, we don't pay him to be pissed when he's supposed to be at work.

  6. hi tris...I must admit I'd not heard about him being drunk at work. If you look around the EU 'parliament' it's obvious quite a few of them have had a 'long lunch'.
    They're just rubber stamping what they're told by the commission so no harm done I suppose.

  7. Well, we know that when you give people bars and cheap booze (I don't know if it's cheap in Brussels, but it probably is) they will get pissed while they are at work.

    My problem is that a lot of the work of these parliaments is done in committee, and Farage got himself onto the fisheries committee. Several other British MEPs have pointed out that he has been missing from these committees, and from the votes, which do matter, as opposed to parliament, which, like the British and Scottish ones have predetermined outcomes, are rubber stamping.

    His absence has, according to these MEPs, caused votes to go against the British point of view, and he has been reported to be absent because he is drinking in local hotels.

    His own ex party leader has said that he has frequently been unable to do his job because he is rat arsed.

    My issue with this is that, his raison d'etre is to complain about how useless Europe is at doing good things for the UK, but by lying pissed in a bar somewhere when he could be voting FOR British interests, he perpetuates the need for his own party... in other words so he can go on complaining about how crap Europe is.

    One of the reasons that it's crap is that the British contingent is too drunk to vote on British matters.

    Maybe replacing him with someone who can get through the days work without collapsing from alcohol consumption would go some way to eliminating some of the faults.

  8. hi tris...there's no way of eliminating the faults in the EU. The corruption and incompetence is endemic ( still no audit after 15yrs). Whistleblowers sacked. Unelected commissioner Kinnock sacked the last corruption whistleblower.

    They've tried to reform the common fisheries policy for decades but it always end in the same outcome...Scottish fish hoovered up by foreign fishing vessels. I think the latest estimate was £400Bn worth of our fish taken since 1975. Our previously thriving fishing ports now empty apart from a few pleasure yachts and some junkies.

    They're taking another £1.2Bn extra from us this year. They've got to fund their £300K wages somehow I suppose.
    The EU is crippling us with the £49Bn annual trade deficit with them and net outgoings in payments to the EU black hole year after year.

  9. My point was that if people like Farage weren't lying legless, they might have been able to turn up to committee meetings and do something about voting for Britain instead of carping about the EU.

    But if they made the EU better (I don't say perfect, because like every government from a Community Council up through the ranks, they are inherently incompetent and often out and out corrupt...certainly the UK parliament in both houses and the royal house is rotten to the core), but if they made it a bit better, they would be diminishing THEIR raison d'etre, and those fat salaries that they get for being pissed.

    Incidentally most departments of the british government have not passed an audit since the war, because no one has a clue what they are doing, or have done with the money. The Home Office is particularly inauditable. They don't even know how many staff they have or what their wage costs are... including all the illegal immigrants they employ.

    It's a problem of government in general. I'm sure that the French have the same problem, probably the Scots and even the Norwegians.

    I don't disagree with you that there is soooo much about the EU that is bad, but I have had the privilege of seeing some of the great things the EU has funded in Scotland, and seen the difference it has made, where our own governments were doing nothing. So it isn't all bad, and I get a bit pissed when all the organs of the press, the establishment, criticise it, without ever pointing out the HUGE benefits that Scotland got from it.

    I agree that England did less well... so does Sweden, Finland, etc. That's not my problem. Scotland has done well.

    Poor countries do well, and exporting countries do well. England pretends to be rich and it imports almost everything since Mrs Thatcher shut it down for business. But we are not England.

  10. We're a net contributor to the EU tris so we would have more money to spend in the UK if we weren't part of the EU. If I gave you £100 every month and you gave me £50 back then why would I be grateful ?

    There's nothing you can do with the EU to improve it because it's tied to treaties that must be followed with thousands of pieces of legislation. The Lisbon Treaty is the latest one and that ties us even closer with majority voting now introduced. Call me dave knows this and is waffling about changing our relationship with the EU etc. He knows we can't change our relationship with the EU. It's like changing our relationship with our right leg. It can't be done. It's fixed and that's that.
    The only thing we can do is raise article 50 and say we're leaving. Then negotiations can start to get us out.
    Scotland's plans after independence are meaningless if we're in the EU. We will have to follow the privatisation plans in the Lisbon Treaty and will just be doing the same as the tories / labour are doing now.

  11. Yes. we would, but what would be use it for.

    The trouble with right wing UK governments is they spend money on the rich and on armaments, particularly nuclear.

    The EU has provided social fund money for employment and infrastructure projects that would never have been funded by the right wing English.

    We'll have to agree to differ on this Monty. I've seen loads of good stuff the EU does. and nothing will convince me that it is any more corrupt and useless than that shower of thieving bastards at the Westminster Banana Republic parliament.

  12. I'm sure an independent Scotland outside of the EU would spend it's money wisely tris.


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