Thursday 9 May 2013

Elizabeth 'Queen of Scots' backs the Union.

I'd wondered where the Queen stood on independence for her subjects in Scotland but her position was confirmed in her speech at the state opening of the London Parliament the other day when she said..

"My Government will continue to make the case for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.”

It's disappointing that she's not taken a neutral line but it's good that we know her views.

The rest of the speech was the usual pointless drivel. Rubber stamping the latest EU laws while pretending that they're our laws really.

Black Rod put on his tights and knocked on the door to parliament summoning the MPs' to hear the Queens's speech but had the door slammed in his face 3 times ( symbolising the independence of parliament). What a farce with the EU now making up most of our laws without as much as a "shut that door Everard "

Bald man in tights.(Ed: Wullie Hague or Black Rod ?)...


  1. The headline in today's Mail positively screamed the Queen's support for the Union (I walked past it in a garage, I'd never actually buy one, far less pick one and have people think I actually read that bilge.)

    Obviously, it's 'her government' that are doing the fighting, so nothing new there.

    What annoyed me was, the Mail was so very obviously using it as a rallying cry for people to get behind - you may think Cameron and his goons are a bunch of feckless bastards, but the lovely wizened old Queenie?

    Come on now, you know you want to...

    Meh - I don't thanks.

  2. The Queen reads out what Westminster gives her to read.

    Does anyone really think she is expressing her personal views in the Queens speech?

    Not bothered either way whether Scotland retains Brenda as our Monarch, but this is pretty puerile stuff.

  3. Hi pa...The online daily Mail has some good photographs that I occasionally 'borrow' so it's not all bad ;)

    I think we've let the Queen shirk her responsibilities for too long. Using the old 'it's really her govt speaking ' cliche to let her off the hook.
    She could have taken a stand and refused to speak against the SNP and independence if she'd wanted to and thus created a constitutional crisis. The London govt would go ahead with it's plans anyway but it would have created a precedent and let her subjects know where she stood. Her job is too cushy for that I suppose. Plus she's signed away our sovereignty to Europe in 5 treaties that had her 'royal ascent'. All against her coronation oath to protect the country from foreign control. So it's to be expected I suppose.

  4. hi Dave...see my reply to pa.
    How are your windmills doing by the way ?
    Been nice and breezy for you.

  5. I'm inclined to agree, republican though I am, that anything the Queen says, and especially what she says in the House of Lords, is the opinion of her government, not the opinion of Liz herself.

    What I despise is the Daily mail using the Queen's words, put into her mouth by the Eton boy, to indicate that the Queen thinks Scotland should stay in the union.

    Paul Dacre or whatever his name is, is a particularly revolting tabloid editor, hiding behind the respectability of Blue Rinse Mail (whose online edition...unavailable presumably to the Colonel and his lady all tits and ass and showbiz gossip).

    Her majesty also has a Scottish government which will do the exact opposite of what her majesty's English and UK government will do.

    In Scotland we are a little more modern and the First Minister reads out the legislative programme. If the FM or the Queen wanted to establish a tradition of the monarch reading that speech, she would ahve to say. "My Scottish government will work to the end of establishing Scotland as an independent state with Us as monarch."

  6. hi tris...Like I said before it's a tired old cliche saying that the Queen is just 'dain wits she's telt'.

    She always has the option of saying NO. But never takes it. Allowing her transient ministers to hand all of our powers to the EU and to use her to influence Scots on voting for the Union. Royalists still think they should follow the Queen's lead so will vote against independence if they hear her advising this option.
    They don't realise that she's just dain wits she's telt.


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