Tuesday 30 July 2013

Fears grow over missing Scottish Labour leader.

There's continuing disquiet in political circles over the apparent disappearance of Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont. Ms Lamont hasn't been seen for about a month. She had a shadow cabinet reshuffle and then dropped below the radar. There are fears that re introducing the toxic Iain 'Elmer Fudd' Gray to her cabinet was a step too far and she's now had to retreat to a secret bunker ( aka Subway sandwich shop ).

Ms Lamont recently made a speech deploring the 'something for nothing' culture in Scotland and is keen to see the introduction of university tuition fees, increases in the council tax and to scrap free prescriptions etc. This saw her being accused of being a 'Blair babe' and raised hackles inside her party. Maybe the cabinet reshuffle disaster was the final straw ?

While the SNP are getting set up by the media to take pelters on a daily basis Ms Lamont hasn't given us her pearls of wisdom on any of the recent Unionist 'Project Fear' propaganda. Her new Finance spokesman Mr Gray has also had numerous reasons to speak up with the constant lies being put out by the BBC over financing in an independent Scotland but hasn't taken the bait. Where is the new rejuvenated Elmer ?

BBC Scotland were forced to have two independence supporters on last nights Newsnight special 'independence and the monarchy'. Such is the dearth of Scottish Labour fear mongers willing to stand up for the party. Admittedly one of the independence supporters, Michael Fry, was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Claiming that the Queen was a bit skint as she was falling down the world wealth rankings and couldn't afford to pay her own way in the world. Forced to use one bar of a two bar electric fire etc etc..

The rotund Conservative and Unionist MSP Jackson Carsatlowprices added a bit of zany comedy relief as he jabbered on a lot of nonsense about how we all love the monarchy and made his usual attack on First Minister Alex Salmond. A light hearted question to finish the show asked who the panel would want as Head of State in an independent Scotland should the people vote for a republic. Christine Grahame from the SNP said Annie Lennox as she was kind and good to charities etc. Jack didn't say who he wanted as he wanted to attack the First Minister instead. He claimed Alex Salmond would get no votes. Such is the standard of person supporting the Union. Blind hatred is their only weapon. No answers. Just blind hatred.

Back to Ms Lamont. I hope she is in good health and nothing untoward has happened to her. We need to hear what the leader of the opposition thinks. She did tweet about a week ago but her blog has nothing new on it since the middle of May.

Sunday 28 July 2013

First Minister of Scotland on Radio Tay 'Talk in'

I've just listened to Alex Salmond being questioned on Radio Tay's Sunday morning phone in show 'Tay Talk in'. Although I notice it's now a Scotland wide show called 'Scotland's Talk in'.

I stopped listening to the show a while back as the usual host Ally Bally usually had me bristling whenever he undermined the First Minister. Delighting whenever a caller phoned in to castigate the First Minister with nonsense stories that had appeared in the biased media that week.

But I heard that Alex would meet Ally and was interested to see how they got on. As it turned out they seemed friendly enough together. The calls were mainly positive about independence and any questions were easily handled by Alex Salmond.

I thought that things would turn nasty when Ally asked Alex to stay a bit longer than planned as he had some more callers lined up. As it turned out the new callers were positive about independence as well.

Alex did a good job of explaining that after a successful vote for 'Yes' in the independence referendum it would be up to the people of Scotland to vote for whatever political party they wanted to run Scotland. The 'Tay Talk in' was always keen to polarise the options between the status quo and an Alex Salmond run Scotland. Similar to the rest of the media in Scotland.

Alex had to correct Ally when he claimed that Dennis Canavan supported the 'No' camp. The fact that Dennis was a former Labour MP means he's automatically put in the 'No' camp by the media. I doubt if Ally is aware that Dennis is part of the 'Yes Scotland' team and that there's a 'Labour for Independence' group as well.

The best call was about the biased BBC and it's campaign against an independent Scotland and what the First Minister would do about it.

It was a pretty weak response from the First Minister. He explained that the BBC was controlled from London and therefore most of their stories were English centric. Irrelevant stories about English health, education etc being called 'national news'. Oh and BBC Radio Scotland were just bad because they used the anti independence 'Daily Mail' and 'Daily Telegraph' etc for their morning story headlines so were just repeating what they heard from down south.

There wasn't a peep about the sacking of impartial reporters to be replaced by ten student 'trainees' or the introduction of James Naughtie from Radio 4 to Radio Scotland in order to strengthen the Unionist agenda.

Day after day and night after night the BBC hammer away at the SNP yet it doesn't seem to bother the First Minister too much.

Hopefully he has some agenda that he isn't letting us in on because it looks pretty bleak from here with calls for international monitors to be called in urgently to control the biased BBC in the run up to next years independence referendum.

JJ Cale. RIP

Sad news about JJ Cale passing away. He wrote some great songs.

Friday 26 July 2013

Anti Scottish independence 'Better Together' campaigners filmed spreading lies.

The Unionist campaign against independence for Scotland was filmed in Bathgate last night making up stories about life in an independent Scotland. There are too many fibs to mention but if you want to watch the meeting you can do so here....


Or you can bypass the video and get a good review of the meeting here.

And an excellent update here.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Bread and circuses.

62 gun salutes. Scots Guards band playing 'Congratulations' in front of Buckingham Palace. Thousands of serfs cheering and doffing caps. Nauseating 24/7 media coverage. Yes it must be a 'Royal Birth'. Great day to bury all the bad news I suppose.

We truly are Ruritania.

Some other 'Royal Birth' pictures....

Tuesday 16 July 2013

BBC Scotland brings in establishment 'big hitter' in the run up to independence referendum.

The children at BBC Scotland's 'Good Morning Scotland' show are to be knocked into Unionist shape with the announcement that big hitter James Naughtie is joining them for two days a week. The Radio Four presenter is 'thrilled' at the prospect of joining the constitutional debate. BBC Scotland news is a joke at the moment. More like listening to a broadcast of the magazine 'Jackie'. Presenters giggle amongst themselves and are generally 100% behind the Union.

Mr Naughtie is 'famous' for calling the Tory MP Jeremy Hunt a c***. All by accident of course. Not because he hates the Tories as much as the SNP. Of course it was just an 'accident' that Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Marr also called Mr Hunt a c***.

Mr Naughtie's recent report from Kilmarnock on the effect of independence on Scotland gave us a flavour of what to expect when he joins us from that London.

It was all bad news with independence hopes "flatlining".

Another report said his trip to Kilmarnock was just a search for "doom and gloom" stories about Scottish independence.

So for people who listen to BBC Scotland news....expect more of the same.....horrible anti SNP and anti independence bile and hatred.

Friday 5 July 2013

BBC Scotland's coverage of the Falkirk MP selection battle.

Resignations. Scottish Labour leader Ms Lamont in hiding. Allegations of cronyism and ballot rigging. Police Scotland called in after complaints of fraud.

BBC Scotland finally report on the battle between London Labour and the Unite union for the safe Labour seat of Falkirk ......

Thursday 4 July 2013

Clare Daly TD speaks out. A 4th July special !

It's rare to see a politician raise their head above the parapet and speak out against the US so this is worth listening to. Most leaders who oppose the US government end up dead and their countries left in ruins and bankrupt. Left to be administrated by a US puppet government.

It's estimated that 20 million civilians have died in the last 50 years due to US overseas 'interventions'. From the 7 million in Cambodia /Vietnam to the daily deaths from drone strikes across the middle east. People selected daily for elimination from Obama's 'kill list'. No trial or jury required.

Happy 4th July.......

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Review...BBC Newsnight Scotland. Monday 1st July.

"The State of the Party" edition.

Three Labour luvvies agreed that the infighting between London Labour and the Unite union to pick a new candidate to replace Eric Joyce in Falkirk would soon blow over and that Scottish Labour leader Ms Lamont had played a blinder with her recent shadow cabinet reshuffle. Especially with the selection of Iain Gray at finance. Apparently the SNP's Finance Secretary John Swinney would now suffer 'sleepless nights' and the 'shallow' First Minister Alex Salmond would have to up his game in future.

Time is running out and there's still no sign of the international monitors.