Saturday 29 June 2013

Fat specky bloke in a raincoat says that the First Minister of Scotland resembles a 'beached whale'.

A fat specky bloke in a raincoat has been saying that the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, resembles a 'beached whale'.

The man ( pictured above in a field ), who calls himself 'Jackson' or 'Jacko' to his mates, is thought to be the former used car salesman and unelected Tory MSP Jack Carsatlowprices.

A specialist from the Institute of Studies explained....." You often get fat specky blokes who are ashamed of their appearance who constantly try and deflect attention away from themselves onto other people who they feel inferior to. There's a big posh word for this ailment but I can't remember it at the moment so I won't charge you my full fee."

Elmer Fudd makes a comeback.

Stand by for excruciating interviews from the sweating and panicky Iain 'Elmer Fudd' Gray. The man with the rabbit in the headlights interview technique has been 'promoted' to Scottish Labour Finance Spokesman by leader Jonah Lamont.

Despite his disastrous leadership of the party when they were thrashed by the SNP at the last election he's now deemed suitable to once more enter the fray.

Elmer is famous for saying he wasn't afraid of some OAP's with banners protesting about cuts as he had once walked the killing fields of Cambodia ( where over a million people were murdered by the Khmer Rouge).

Elmer retreated to a Subway sandwich shop until a taxi could be found to rush him away from the OAP's

I'm sure that video is still available.

Yes here it is...

Friday 28 June 2013

Scotland's beautiful wild places being destroyed by useless windmills.

Just back from a fantastic trip to the Kinloch Rannoch area of Scotland where I enjoyed a few weeks of kayaking and climbing. I love this part of Scotland and visit it regularly. Unfortunately my trip was overshadowed by witnessing the devastating effect of the windmill scam on some of Scotland's most beautiful wild places.

The area is in the path of the Beauly to Denny electricity pylon system that will bring the 'renewables revolution' energy from the north to the central belt.

I'm fed up repeating that windmills are useless and only fund rich landowners and energy companies. The schemes live or die on subsidies and provide only 13 to 25% of their claimed output over the year. They require 24hr back up from coal fired power stations or other conventional power generation systems. It's baffling why supposedly intelligent people like the First Minister Alex Salmond are falling for this madness. Ignoring all the evidence that they're useless. A blot on our beautiful landscape and killing our birds and bats at the same time. Oh and they're not 'green' and there's no 'global warming' and CO2 isn't dangerous. A little research would explain all of this. But our leaders aren't interested in the truth. They're locked into this madness and can't escape. And our beautiful countryside will suffer as a result. Leaving future generations to laugh at us while they remove all the scrap metal littering the mountains and glens of a once beautiful country.

Everywhere you go there are pylons and windmills and all the trucks and materials needed to build the follies. Hundreds of millions of pounds thrown away on the scam yet you can't get a decent phone signal and broadband is patchy at best. Oh and the roads are rubbish. Pot holed and crumbling. Oh and the local tourism infrastructure is a sick joke.

I took some photos to give you a flavour of what to expect if you venture outside of the suburbs into the 'wilderness'.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

Friday 14 June 2013

BBC campaign against Scottish independence moves up a gear..

This is how last nights BBC Question Time was described on the BBC i player.....

"David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Edinburgh, with an audience of 16 and 17 year olds ahead of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum."

16 and 17 year olds will be eligible to vote in the referendum so this would be a chance for them to hear the arguments from both sides of the debate on independence.

So what did we get ?

A discussion panel comprising of four anti Scottish independence supporters and one pro independence SNP MP.

And Lesley Riddoch who has just declared Yes to independence. After favouring devo max.

Well done BBC 'journalists'.

Hopefully your next shit is a hedgehog.

The call for international observers to monitor the BBC and other biased media is getting deafening. Scotland is going to be robbed of it's chance of independence if things don't change quickly.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Another sad ending. The retreat from Afghanistan.

Baroness Warsi has been in Uzbekistan this week meeting with the Chief of General Staff Makhmudof to ratify 3 bilateral transit agreements for the drawdown of troops and equipment from Afghanistan.

It's a dirty job and someone has to do it I suppose.

We need a 'safe' country to allow transit of our equipment from Afghanistan back to the UK and Uzbekistan fits the bill. I wonder what concessions we will give in return. A blind eye to the situation in Uzbekistan will be the top of the Uzbek's list I expect.

I know we have no choice but to be friendly with these countries but Uzbekistan is beyond the pale.

Forced child labour is used in the cotton plantations and political prisoners are boiled alive after years of illegal captivity and torture..

It would have been more convenient to have used Pakistan to get our equipment home safely but the relentless drone attacks inside Pakistan that have killed thousands have ruled that possibility out. The Pakistanis aren't very fond of us now.

As Minister for Faith and Communities I expect Ms Warsi has a long hot shower after returning from her duties in Uzbekistan.

Our retreat from Afghanistan will be dangerous and messy. The handover back to the taliban will see an upsurge in violence as the various factions fight for power. Like in Iraq we will have to hunker down in secure compounds until we can get all of our troops home safely.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Greek 'BBC' closed down to save money.

Greeks got to see what 'New Democracy' means when it's state broadcaster was closed down until September by their ' New Democracy' leader Tony Samaras.

Although I'm slightly envious that Greeks will no longer be relieved of their money to pay for a biased broadcasting company ( on threat of prison for non payment) do they not have to go through parliament or something ? At least to make it look democratic.

I forgot. Greece is now run by a Troika from the EU and it's citizens will be paying the bankers for generations to come in order to cover their incompetence in bankrupting Greece. Democracy is effectively suspended until further notice.

Shutting down the state TV company will be a handy way of getting rid of any troublemakers and will reduce the reporting of rioting in neighbouring Turkey. We can't have the Greeks getting any ideas now can we ?

This story is one to watch. Not on our own BBC of course. They will studiously avoid the story I'd imagine. Safely tuck it away at the bottom of page 2 somewhere.

Another global warming scammer gone.

Just noticed that while I was on holiday Tim Yeo the greenie trougher has joined Chris Huhne and exited stage left. Two global warming scammers gone but not forgotten. Although sadly I've no doubt that these two will land on their feet somewhere else. I must admit I couldn't understand why Tim Yeo could be collecting £200,000 a year from 'green' energy companies while a member of the 'Energy and Climate Change Committee' at the London parliament.

Great holiday travelling around Scotland but who is stealing our blue skies ?

I had a few weeks off so decided to take off around Scotland and visit all of the places and do the things that I should have done years ago.

I travelled on the West Coast rail line from Glasgow to Mallaig. Amazing scenery.

I finally got around to climbing Suilven in Sutherland. It's not a 3,000 feet munro. Just a 2,000 feet mountain. But it's remote and involves a long walk in before you can begin the climb. It took us 9 hrs in total. I'd seen the mountain years ago as a child travelling to Lochinver on holiday and always wanted to climb it.

I tried white water rafting. Beautiful scenery again with some rapids to waken you up ! Hours of going down waterfalls and generally getting a good soaking. Brilliant fun.

Oh and I went camping for a few days with my 'trail' bike. An old Kawasaki . It's not very fast but just keeps plodding on.

It was a great few weeks but was spoiled by the constant gloomy skies after some jets went over and cancelled out any chance of some blue skies.

The spraying was consistent from Lochinver in the north until my return to Dundee. It was so annoying as the jets and their trails were on most of my photographs.

Maybe they've changed the fuel mixture as we used to see small contrails from the aircraft that quickly dissipated but these trails go on for hundreds of miles and slowly spread and combine with each other until the sky is just a grey mess. I'm not surprised that there's a problem with vitamin D deficiency if the sun is never allowed to shine. It must create havoc for our farmers as well with limited sunshine shortening the growing season for their grass and crops.

Here are some photos from my trip. I'll add more later.

Sky at Tyndrum covered in trails..

Rannoch Moor sky full of trails...

Blue sky turned to a grey mess after several jets went over leaving their near Dundee...

Aircraft spraying over the Highlands...

'Suilven' mountain near Lochinver....