Sunday 24 November 2013

Scots to be free from the UK on March 24th 2016

Scottish Independence Day will be the 24th March 2016 if we vote in favour at next Septembers referendum. The date is included in the Scottish Government's white paper, described as a "blueprint" for independence, which will be published on Tuesday.

From The Herald newspaper...

"Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said " it is a "landmark document" which has economic growth, jobs and fairness at its heart ".

The 670-page document runs to more than 170,000 words and will be available as a hard copy and as an e-book."

The 24th March is also Houdini's birthday ( photo above ). We don't have to do anything as difficult as Houdini in order to win our freedom. All we have to do is put a cross in a box next September and with one bound.......we're free !

Although we won't really be free if we stay in the EU. We'll just swap one set of elected rulers for another set of unelected rulers. But that's a battle for another day.

More Houdini photos to show what we don't have to do to get independence....

Saturday 23 November 2013

Dundee gears up for Christmas.

Canned 'Christmas music' in Asda and the Christmas tree in the City Square. It's the start of 5 weeks of torture as we enter 'the festive season' in Dundee.

At least we're allowed to call it 'Christmas' this year. In order to conform to the PC brigade the council were advertising a 'Winter Festival' 2 years ago. Much to the annoyance of everyone ,including local muslim groups, who have no problem with 'Christmas'....and made their views known.

There's the usual hot food outlets operating in the city centre. I tried one which was selling stovies but they were inedible unfortunately. Re heated and whiffy with lumps of gristle and burnt bits beware.

There are a lot more beggars than usual in the Murrygate / High Street area. I usually give money to them because at least I know they're getting the money rather than helping to pay some fake charity chancer on £120k a year plus pension and expenses. The 'Big Issue' is now pricing itself out of the market so the sellers must be suffering.

Dundee failed in it's attempt to win the bid for 'UK City of Culture 2017'. Much to the delight of BBC Scotland who said it was because we've got an independence referendum next year and it 'put off' the selectors. Oh and BBC Scotland were also furious at Alex Salmond the First Minister for promoting Scotland with a £5m tourism drive. How very dare he was the general feeling at BBC Scotland. I wish we could get our £400m tv taxes back from BBC Scotland and close their building down. We could use that £400m to invest even more in tourism rather than letting BBC Scotland use it to run down Scotland. Oh and the BBC Scotland building at Pathetic Key in Glasgow could be converted into a homeless shelter. Get some use out of it for a change.

I seem to have got diverted from my cheery Christmas post so here's some more photos to get you excited for Christmas...

Desperate Dan has had enough and is off....

Beryl the Peril fires at happy Christmas shoppers...

Sunday 17 November 2013

Worldwide protest against biased mainstream media.

Although Scotland has a particular problem with media bias against independence there is a more general problem worldwide with the media. They all follow a fixed agenda and rarely question what they're told to broadcast.

A worldwide protest took place today but it will be difficult to find the story anywhere apart from the alternative media although RT News from Moscow covered the story.

I can remember a time when people used to mock Russian news outlets for their one sided biased stories in favour of the brave motherland against the capitalist West. No more though. RT News often reports important news stories that are either ignored or barely acknowledged in the Western media. The nightmare at Fukushima that may lead to total disaster in the northern hemisphere for example......just an itsy bitsy problem that will all be ok in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 if you believe the mainstream media.

The bedroom tax story has been big news on the internet this week but has been largely ignored by BBC Scotland. If it was mentioned then the LibLabCon parties got an easy ride and the usual ' nothing to see here please move along' attitude was adopted. While Labour MP Anas Sarwar was posted missing from the vote and debate ( after claiming it was a priority for him and the Labour Party ) the BBC went big on a story about a traffic cone on a person's head. They aren't subtle with their contempt for us.

This is an example from the US of how 'the news' is controlled by a central script writer...

Obama is a master of the spin and is almost always given an easy ride. Both here and in the US. This is despite his pre election promises to close Gitmo, sort out the banksters and stop drone attacks all being quickly dumped when he took office. Things have actually gotten worse with civilian drone strike deaths escalating, the US constitution ignored, automatic recording of everything anyone says or does now standard policy and the money printing now at $80Bn a month with debts of nearly $17trillion.

This is 8 minutes that are worth watching if you want to see how things work.....

Check out the lady on the left at 50 seconds whispering that it's time to let the lady fall. The pregnant lady then went around the tv studios campaigning for the disastrous 'Obamacare'. Shockeroonie !

Of course the most terrifying thing for the mainstream media to report on is 9/11. This sends shivers down their spines and sends them running for the hills. To question the official story of 9/11 is certain death to their careers so they all cover their eyes and ears and collectively go la la la la.

There's some interesting stuff in the alternative media though...

To appreciate the power of the mainstream media just ask anyone how many skyscrapers fell on the day. Most will say two towers. WTC1 and WTC2. The truth is that three towers fell. WTC1,WTC2 and Building7. Building 7 wasn't even mentioned in the official report on 9/11 and is never mentioned in the media as it raises awkward questions. Questions like why did the BBC report that Building 7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it did ? The BBC have never explained where they got their information about the building 7 collapse from. Quite extraordinary to report a building collapse with no evidence and then clam up about it afterwards.

The BBC were taken to court by a tv license payer who alleged that he would be supporting terrorism if he paid his BBC tv license fee. Of course there was nothing about this extraordinary court case reported in the mainstream media....

Things can only get better.........

Heartening news from Glasgow where the former Labour Lord Provost Alex Mosson has come out in support of independence for Scotland.

Alex revealed his support two weeks after former Strathclyde regional council leader Sir Charles Gray said he would also back independence for Scotland next year.

Alex said........

" This is not a time for party politics. The decision we'll be making next September is too important for that. People need to realise that this is not about the SNP, Scottish Labour or any other political party.

This referendum is all about us, the people of Scotland, and our right to self-determination. Once we achieve independence I'm sure people will start to regain their interest and engagement in politics, and that will be a good thing for democracy.

But first we need to find our self-confidence and become a successful, more prosperous and fairer nation. I am totally convinced that only a Yes vote will get us to that point."

Couldn't have said it better myself Alex. Welcome aboard.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Call me Dave going back to year zero in the UK.

Embarrassed by all of his 'cast iron' guarantees and other such promises made in speeches and pamphlets, call me dave ( photo above investigating human rights abuses in Sri Lanka ) has come up with a wizard wheeze. Delete the effin lot of them lol !

Call me Dave has picked 2010 as his 'year zero'.

No more comeback on drivel such as......

" With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS…So yes, I’m proud to say the Conservatives will stop these pointless, retrogressive re-organisations and closures."

Or the even more tiresome....

"When it comes to the firing, we’ve said we’ll introduce a power of recall to allow voters to kick out MPs mid-parliament if they have been proven guilty of serious wrongdoing"

( Phew....Eric Joyce etc can trough easily for another couple of years. )

Here's something else they are removing from the search engines...

"We need to harness the internet to help us become more accountable, more transparent and more accessible - and so bridge the growing gap between government and governed".

It's not all bad news though. The ecowackery 'hug a huskie' stuff has also been removed.

" One more windmill and the huskie gets it "....

Update 17th Nov 2013/1984....

It seems I was a bit unfair picking on Dave for deleting stuff he didn't like anymore. It seems that the other political parties are also using the memory hole to delete stuff that they no longer want us to read.

Mind you, the links to the articles mentioning the deletion of documents will probably end up down the memory hole as well. But maybe there will be a new article about the article that mentioned the deletions. It's getting all too 1984 for me. Time for my porridge.

Tory MP who claims expenses for his biscuits attacks the starving poor.

Tory MP Paul Maynard thinks food banks can become a "bad habit" for poor people. He said "people could start going to food banks out of habit rather than helping themselves."

He continued... "I value personal responsibility. I do not believe that immediate food relief should be the role of the Government. What I don’t want to do is normalise food poverty."

If Mr Maynard had done any research then he would have known that people need a referral from a job centre or doctor etc to get a food voucher. You can't normally just turn up and get food. Most referrals are for people who are waiting for their claims to be processed and the food keeps them alive until their benefits arrive.

Not content with a £20,000 pay rise in the pipeline, Mr Maynard charges taxpayers for his biscuits.Oh and of course his cups. And coasters. And tumblers. A nice tray. Oh and soap to wash up with afterwards.

The food at food banks is mainly provided by charities and supermarkets. Not by the government. Over half a million people in the UK now rely on food banks while we waste billions on nukes, illegal wars, the corrupt EU, the man made global warming scam 'green levies', useless windmills, bailing out the zombie banks so that they can rip us off again and of course feeding troughing MPs like Mr Maynard.

Scottish Labour MP Anas Sarwar posted missing.