Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween.

My neighbour never seems to have any problems with 'trick or treaters'.....

Gordon forgets that he's still an MP.

The former PM Gordon Brown ( above left... feeding the starving in Kirkcaldy ) has been on his worldwide speaking tour for so long now that he woke up on a couch in Qatar and declared that he was an 'ex politician'.

Luckily he was only talking to a BBC beeboid so everyone had a good laugh about his 'gaff'. He's actually still an MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath apparently.

While Grangemouth was being put through the ringer by the Labour Party and Unite, Gordon was going loco in Acapulco. He's now turned up in Qatar.

His speaking tour has netted £1.3m for "The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Limited ".

Gordon chatting in Qatar.....

Gordon's world tour here.

Thursday 24 October 2013

"Key player" in Grangemouth dispute posted missing.

The man at the heart of the Grangemouth dispute seems to have been abducted by aliens. Or is in hiding with Ms Lamont in a bunker somewhere.

According to the BBC ( yes I know )..." The man at the heart of the affair is Stephen Deans, convener of the Unite union in Scotland, who has worked at Grangemouth for 24 years.

It was Mr Deans' role as chairman of the Labour Party in the Falkirk constituency which landed him in hot water with his employer.

In short, the union official was accused of trying to rig the selection of a candidate for Westminster."

According to this report from the BBC again ( yes I know ) Mr Deans is one of the 'key players' in the dispute.

So where is he ?

Scotland's biggest industrial complex is fighting for survival in the run up to a referendum on independence and the 'key player' and the man 'at the heart of the matter' according to the BBC has been posted missing.

It all looks spooky to me....

1. Evil billionaire 'Mr No' who lives on a luxury yacht and is called 'JR' will decide the fate of thousands of workers at a plant that has operated for 90 years.

2. The man at the centre of the dispute has gone missing. No photos, tv or radio interviews or newspaper appearances.

3. Referendum on Scottish independence in less than a year.

4. Gordon Brown has gone to Mexico despite having a constituency nearby and being able to 'save the world'.

5. No funds forthcoming for upgrade of Grangemouth from London despite Scotland due to pay £4Bn towards the HS2 rail link from London to Birmingham.

It's a good job I don't believe in conspiracies.

I did find this rare picture of Mr Deans in the John O' Groats Journal from two years ago ( 2nd from left )....

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Dundee cancer 'street healers' get £200k to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Despite the fact that 'the experts' now admit that there's no link between CO2 and the global warming scam it seems that the SNP government haven't got the message yet.

Dundee's 'Gate Church International' have just been awarded £200k to help them to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Gate Church International, in Perth Road, is getting the money from the Scottish Government’s climate challenge fund.

Its carbon saving project aims to promote behaviour changes towards low-carbon lifestyles.

The money will go towards a bike rack for 20 pushbikes and special ‘destratification’ fans to be placed in the church auditorium.

The church raised eyebrows back in April when it claimed to be able to cure people of cancer by praying over them.

They also handed out leaflets to Dundee shoppers that read..."Do you suffer from back pain, arthritis, MS, addiction, cancer, ulcers, depression, allergies, fibromyalgia, asthma, paralysis, crippling disease, phobias or any other sickness?

We’d love to pray for your healing right now! We’re Christians from Gate Church International. We believe God loves you and can heal you from any sickness today."

I've always believed in live and let live and if people want to believe in God or whatever then that's up to them. I don't think taxpayers should have to fund them in any way though and I don't think they should be allowed access to young minds in order to influence them before they have developed suitable cognitive abilities to determine for themselves if there is a God and that they want to pursue this further.

It's sad therefore when you read this statement on the Gate Church website.....

"Baby Church is for infants aged between birth and two years old. At Baby Church we seek to demonstrate God’s love to the babies through singing, story telling, play and lots of repetition. We cover 3 main areas: things God has made, things God gives us and love for all He has created. Through ministering to the children in these areas we can do so much more than just babysitting. We have the opportunity to sow into their lives the truth of God’s love for them, knowing that we are laying foundations of precious stones.

Toddlers (aged 2 - 4 ) learn that "we can talk to God"

As kids get older the 'training' seems to draw them further into their religion with no alternatives shown to them.

Children are not 'religious' but are the children of 'religious parents'. How can a baby understand religion when it's cognitive abilities haven't yet developed sufficiently ? It happily believes in Santa Claus so will have no problem believing an adult if they say that they must believe in an invisible man in the sky on threat of burning in hell for eternity.

The 'church of climatology' and the 'religious churches' are well matched as they both believe in faith and they both hate to be challenged.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Malala circus rolls into town.

Poor Malala. Shot in the head by the taliban in Pakistan and now dragged around the world as a useful propaganda tool for the West in it's fake 'War on Terror'.

You know things are getting surreal when she shares the stage with the former PM Gordon Brown who bankrolled the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have seen thousands of civilians ( including hundreds of 'Malala's') blown to pieces or maimed for life or left to suffer a lingering death by depleted uranium poisoning.

And of course the death toll is still rising with daily drone attacks on 'suspected militants' ongoing.

Drone strike casualties in Pakistan...

Pakistan 2004–2013

CIA Drone Strikes

Total strikes: 376

Nobel peace prize winner Obama strikes: 325

Total killed: 2,525-3,613

Civilians killed: 407-926

Children killed: 168-200

Injured: 1,117-1,505

Malala was in Edinburgh addressing the first public meeting of the Global Citizenship Commission and to receive an honourary degree from Edinburgh University. The Commission is headed by the weird Gordon Brown and contains all the usual folk from the shadowy parallel government that really runs things in the world...UN, Rothschilds, Carnegies, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers etc...

A 'Malala inspired' scholarship programme has just been announced which will see as many as 40 young women from Pakistan go to university.

The Scottish Government is putting up £300,000 for the initiative, with External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf saying it would help these females “achieve their potential and ambitions”.

Sadly there are many Pakistani children who will never "achieve their potential and ambitions"...

The kids try to get us to stop killing them but it's all to no avail....

Preparing to attack more 'militants'...

Thursday 10 October 2013

Farewell Sir Ming. The ermine robe beckons.

Sir 'Ming ' Campbell is to retire from the London Parliament. His job defending the Union is done.

He seemed a decent sort. Serious and 'statesmanlike'.

I remember him campaigning for Scottish devolution while he had decided to stay at the London parliament. Maybe he felt he was too gravitas a figure for the 'pretendy' parliament in Edinburgh ? I attended one of his meetings in a small village hall in Fife and he didn't really explain why he wasn't wanting to serve in the Scottish parliament.

He leaves behind a diminished North East Fife constituency. The RAF are to leave RAF Leuchars. He fought against the plans by the coalition but was unsuccessful. The paper mill at Guardbridge also closed under his watch. Another massive blow to the local area.

A drive through NE Fife will reveal crumbling roads while there is plenty of 'green cash' for a new windmill farm overlooking the famous St Andrews Old Course. The 'home of golf' will be overlooked by useless white elephants from a bygone era. Old fossils mocking us as they add 10% to our energy bills while pensioners hurry to get their affairs in order before the onset of winter sees their numbers whittled down by another 20,000. Too poor and afraid to turn up their heating as they look out on hills full of idle, but very expensive, windmills. Sitting listless in the weak winter sunshine.

Ming fought mercilessly against the illegal attack on Iraq. To no avail. He was keen on an attack on Syria. To no avail.

He welcomed Hillary Clinton to St Andrews University where he is Chancellor. Ms Clinton was honoured for her efforts in "championing the causes of education, human rights, democracy, civil society and promoting opportunities for females around the world."

This raised eyebrows after her performance at the inquiry into the Benghazi debacle where the US ambassador Stephens and his guards were murdered. Their cries for help were allegedly ignored. Ms Clinton got angry at the inquiry and asked 'what difference does it make' how the ambassador and his guards died....

Her appearance on CBS News was also considered to be 'in bad taste' and 'lacking in humanity'....

Ms Clinton has been selected by both the red and blue teams to be the next US President.

Sir Ming did a short spell as Lib Dem party leader but best to zip past that quickly and spare everyone's blushes.

The expenses scandal found him to be keen on 'scatter cushions' and a 'designer bedroom ' for his 'bachelor flat' in London. Nothing untoward here. Scatter cushions are popular with parliamentarians. No I don't know why.

So good luck in retirement Sir Ming. You have achieved more than most. Certainly more than myself. But was it worth it ?

Tuesday 8 October 2013

House prices to be re inflated for a bigger pop later.

What a good idea from the London coalition government. As house prices finally start to fall they decide to re inflate the bubble with taxpayers money. £12bn is the latest tranche of money that will be given away in order to re inflate the housing market. 15% of the cost of a house will be handed over by taxpayers.

It seems that house prices are too high and the deposits required to own a home are beyond the reach of home buyers. In a proper 'capitalist system' what would happen is that house prices would fall to meet the market price. But homeowners have been sitting tight, refusing to lower their house price and waiting to see who would blink first. The government blinked first and Danny Alexander ( in photo above visiting a food bank that feeds the starving ) has been doing the rounds of tv studios telling us all what a great idea the new £12Bn giveaway is. It's just a cynical ploy to get them past the next election with a fake 'feel good factor' in the country. It's often called 'kicking the can down the road'. Putting off the big decisions for another day. By which time the politicians will have retired to a cushy job in Brussels, are touring the world doing speeches or are sitting in the House of Lords snoozing until it's time for dinner.

There's been no recovery since the 'great crash' of 2008. Our debt is rising by £120Bn a year and is now at over £1trillion. Our zombie banks are still zombie banks despite receiving nearly £1trillion in bail outs. The banksters still enjoy huge pay and bonuses and travel the world first class with hospitality wherever they go. Retired savers who once lived on their 5% interest are getting no interest and are eating into their capital. Eventually everyone will be in debt servitude and the top 1% will have it all. Anyone stepping onto the housing ladder and buying their first house ( outside of London ) is bonkers. Interest rates will have to rise soon and they will be ruined.

Monday 7 October 2013

Highland 'Big Hitter' brought in to save the Union.

A Scottish Highlands 'big hitter' ( above right ) has replaced another 'big hitter' from somewhere else in Scotchland as Scotch Secretary in order to fight for the Union.

Speaking on Skye News the new North British noble said that the last noble "did an excellent job....and got the referendum question that Project Fear wanted (sic)"

He then went on to say that "he would welcome a debate with Alex Salmond and that Scotchland had the best of both worlds with the Union".....[Ed :food banks to simulate the 3rd world and a 1st world Scotch oil pipeline to the south so they can see what they could have won if they'd voted for independence the last time ?]

I watched the evening news to get their 'fair and impartial' reports on the new appointment.

STV news..."Alistair Carmichael[new Scotch Secretary] is more fiesty, known as a bruiser, Michael Moore[previous noble] lacked the killer instinct, gloves are off, more aggressive and argumentative with all the qualities required to take on the independence supporters".

No right of reply from pro independence supporters.

BBC Reporting Scotland....."Alistair Carmichael more combative, political streetfighter who will take the fight to the SNP."

No right of reply from pro independence supporters.

Friday 4 October 2013

BBC Scotland bias confirmed.

The former BBC Scotland broadcaster Derek Bateman has been writing a witty and informative blog about his time as a newspaper journalist and as a presenter on Radio Scotland.

He confirmed our suspicions that the top management at BBC Scotland are Labour / Unionist supporters when he said that John Boothman, the Head of news and the partner of the former Labour health minister Susan Deacon "was a clear asset to the BBC because of his Labour connections. They were key to his career and were valued by all."

I'm looking forward to reading Mr Bateman's blog although I'll be wary of it turning into another false flag. It started with a bang about BBC bias but we're now hearing about the 'steely professionalism' of Kirsty Wark .......Spanish holidays with a Scottish Labour leader and vitriolic interviews with Alex Salmond and the SNP aren't professional.

In another of his blog posts he wonders if Kaye Adams is biased ( sic ). He thinks she's maybe just doing what she's told by the producer speaking in her ear.....the only obeying orders gambit ?

Luckily Kaye is moving to 'Loose Women'. One to miss even more fervently now.

So hopefully his blog isn't a smokescreen to cover the inbuilt bias and hatred at BBC Scotland against Scottish independence and is a warts and all expose of the Unionist propaganda transmitter that is BBC Scotland.

The Scottish independence referendum is drawing near and there is still no sign of international monitors being called in to control the BBC and ensure a fair referendum.

It's good to record the evidence from Derek Bateman's blog of the institutional bias at BBC Scotland but this will only be academical for future generations to ponder over if it isn't acted on now while it can still be stopped.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Bad Al keeps bouncing back.

Just as Ed Milliband was getting a sympathetic hearing over his fight with the Daily Mail and it's attack on his father....up pops Bad Al to create mayhem and confusion. Most folk now forget what the Daily Mail argument was about...was Ed's father a marxist who hated Britain ?...and have re focused on to Alastair Campbell and his latest angry visits to the tv studios to 'defend' Ed.

As usual Al talks over his 'opponent' so we don't get to hear any counter arguments so any goodwill towards Ed Milliband evaporates as we start remembering 'dodgy dossiers' and millions marching against Labour's illegal war in Iraq etc...

I can just imagine Al's ancestors spinning another wee Campbell fracas from a couple of centuries ago..

Tuesday 1 October 2013

US Government shuts down.

The Republicans and Democrats in the US fail to agree the US budget for the year ahead so government agencies start shutting down.

Including The White House...

Horses heads at Dundee City Hall.

I've never been into conspiracy theories [Ed : Aye can't get enough of them you tin foil hatter] but I spotted these horses heads lying in front of Dundee City Hall the other day and realised that Dundee had just submitted it's bid for City of Culture 2017 against three other cities in the UK ( Hull,Swansea and Leicester ).

Tasteful modern art or something more sinister afoot ?....