Sunday 24 November 2013

Scots to be free from the UK on March 24th 2016

Scottish Independence Day will be the 24th March 2016 if we vote in favour at next Septembers referendum. The date is included in the Scottish Government's white paper, described as a "blueprint" for independence, which will be published on Tuesday.

From The Herald newspaper...

"Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said " it is a "landmark document" which has economic growth, jobs and fairness at its heart ".

The 670-page document runs to more than 170,000 words and will be available as a hard copy and as an e-book."

The 24th March is also Houdini's birthday ( photo above ). We don't have to do anything as difficult as Houdini in order to win our freedom. All we have to do is put a cross in a box next September and with one bound.......we're free !

Although we won't really be free if we stay in the EU. We'll just swap one set of elected rulers for another set of unelected rulers. But that's a battle for another day.

More Houdini photos to show what we don't have to do to get independence....

Saturday 23 November 2013

Dundee gears up for Christmas.

Canned 'Christmas music' in Asda and the Christmas tree in the City Square. It's the start of 5 weeks of torture as we enter 'the festive season' in Dundee.

At least we're allowed to call it 'Christmas' this year. In order to conform to the PC brigade the council were advertising a 'Winter Festival' 2 years ago. Much to the annoyance of everyone ,including local muslim groups, who have no problem with 'Christmas'....and made their views known.

There's the usual hot food outlets operating in the city centre. I tried one which was selling stovies but they were inedible unfortunately. Re heated and whiffy with lumps of gristle and burnt bits beware.

There are a lot more beggars than usual in the Murrygate / High Street area. I usually give money to them because at least I know they're getting the money rather than helping to pay some fake charity chancer on £120k a year plus pension and expenses. The 'Big Issue' is now pricing itself out of the market so the sellers must be suffering.

Dundee failed in it's attempt to win the bid for 'UK City of Culture 2017'. Much to the delight of BBC Scotland who said it was because we've got an independence referendum next year and it 'put off' the selectors. Oh and BBC Scotland were also furious at Alex Salmond the First Minister for promoting Scotland with a £5m tourism drive. How very dare he was the general feeling at BBC Scotland. I wish we could get our £400m tv taxes back from BBC Scotland and close their building down. We could use that £400m to invest even more in tourism rather than letting BBC Scotland use it to run down Scotland. Oh and the BBC Scotland building at Pathetic Key in Glasgow could be converted into a homeless shelter. Get some use out of it for a change.

I seem to have got diverted from my cheery Christmas post so here's some more photos to get you excited for Christmas...

Desperate Dan has had enough and is off....

Beryl the Peril fires at happy Christmas shoppers...

Sunday 17 November 2013

Worldwide protest against biased mainstream media.

Although Scotland has a particular problem with media bias against independence there is a more general problem worldwide with the media. They all follow a fixed agenda and rarely question what they're told to broadcast.

A worldwide protest took place today but it will be difficult to find the story anywhere apart from the alternative media although RT News from Moscow covered the story.

I can remember a time when people used to mock Russian news outlets for their one sided biased stories in favour of the brave motherland against the capitalist West. No more though. RT News often reports important news stories that are either ignored or barely acknowledged in the Western media. The nightmare at Fukushima that may lead to total disaster in the northern hemisphere for example......just an itsy bitsy problem that will all be ok in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 if you believe the mainstream media.

The bedroom tax story has been big news on the internet this week but has been largely ignored by BBC Scotland. If it was mentioned then the LibLabCon parties got an easy ride and the usual ' nothing to see here please move along' attitude was adopted. While Labour MP Anas Sarwar was posted missing from the vote and debate ( after claiming it was a priority for him and the Labour Party ) the BBC went big on a story about a traffic cone on a person's head. They aren't subtle with their contempt for us.

This is an example from the US of how 'the news' is controlled by a central script writer...

Obama is a master of the spin and is almost always given an easy ride. Both here and in the US. This is despite his pre election promises to close Gitmo, sort out the banksters and stop drone attacks all being quickly dumped when he took office. Things have actually gotten worse with civilian drone strike deaths escalating, the US constitution ignored, automatic recording of everything anyone says or does now standard policy and the money printing now at $80Bn a month with debts of nearly $17trillion.

This is 8 minutes that are worth watching if you want to see how things work.....

Check out the lady on the left at 50 seconds whispering that it's time to let the lady fall. The pregnant lady then went around the tv studios campaigning for the disastrous 'Obamacare'. Shockeroonie !

Of course the most terrifying thing for the mainstream media to report on is 9/11. This sends shivers down their spines and sends them running for the hills. To question the official story of 9/11 is certain death to their careers so they all cover their eyes and ears and collectively go la la la la.

There's some interesting stuff in the alternative media though...

To appreciate the power of the mainstream media just ask anyone how many skyscrapers fell on the day. Most will say two towers. WTC1 and WTC2. The truth is that three towers fell. WTC1,WTC2 and Building7. Building 7 wasn't even mentioned in the official report on 9/11 and is never mentioned in the media as it raises awkward questions. Questions like why did the BBC report that Building 7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it did ? The BBC have never explained where they got their information about the building 7 collapse from. Quite extraordinary to report a building collapse with no evidence and then clam up about it afterwards.

The BBC were taken to court by a tv license payer who alleged that he would be supporting terrorism if he paid his BBC tv license fee. Of course there was nothing about this extraordinary court case reported in the mainstream media....

Things can only get better.........

Heartening news from Glasgow where the former Labour Lord Provost Alex Mosson has come out in support of independence for Scotland.

Alex revealed his support two weeks after former Strathclyde regional council leader Sir Charles Gray said he would also back independence for Scotland next year.

Alex said........

" This is not a time for party politics. The decision we'll be making next September is too important for that. People need to realise that this is not about the SNP, Scottish Labour or any other political party.

This referendum is all about us, the people of Scotland, and our right to self-determination. Once we achieve independence I'm sure people will start to regain their interest and engagement in politics, and that will be a good thing for democracy.

But first we need to find our self-confidence and become a successful, more prosperous and fairer nation. I am totally convinced that only a Yes vote will get us to that point."

Couldn't have said it better myself Alex. Welcome aboard.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Call me Dave going back to year zero in the UK.

Embarrassed by all of his 'cast iron' guarantees and other such promises made in speeches and pamphlets, call me dave ( photo above investigating human rights abuses in Sri Lanka ) has come up with a wizard wheeze. Delete the effin lot of them lol !

Call me Dave has picked 2010 as his 'year zero'.

No more comeback on drivel such as......

" With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS…So yes, I’m proud to say the Conservatives will stop these pointless, retrogressive re-organisations and closures."

Or the even more tiresome....

"When it comes to the firing, we’ve said we’ll introduce a power of recall to allow voters to kick out MPs mid-parliament if they have been proven guilty of serious wrongdoing"

( Phew....Eric Joyce etc can trough easily for another couple of years. )

Here's something else they are removing from the search engines...

"We need to harness the internet to help us become more accountable, more transparent and more accessible - and so bridge the growing gap between government and governed".

It's not all bad news though. The ecowackery 'hug a huskie' stuff has also been removed.

" One more windmill and the huskie gets it "....

Update 17th Nov 2013/1984....

It seems I was a bit unfair picking on Dave for deleting stuff he didn't like anymore. It seems that the other political parties are also using the memory hole to delete stuff that they no longer want us to read.

Mind you, the links to the articles mentioning the deletion of documents will probably end up down the memory hole as well. But maybe there will be a new article about the article that mentioned the deletions. It's getting all too 1984 for me. Time for my porridge.

Tory MP who claims expenses for his biscuits attacks the starving poor.

Tory MP Paul Maynard thinks food banks can become a "bad habit" for poor people. He said "people could start going to food banks out of habit rather than helping themselves."

He continued... "I value personal responsibility. I do not believe that immediate food relief should be the role of the Government. What I don’t want to do is normalise food poverty."

If Mr Maynard had done any research then he would have known that people need a referral from a job centre or doctor etc to get a food voucher. You can't normally just turn up and get food. Most referrals are for people who are waiting for their claims to be processed and the food keeps them alive until their benefits arrive.

Not content with a £20,000 pay rise in the pipeline, Mr Maynard charges taxpayers for his biscuits.Oh and of course his cups. And coasters. And tumblers. A nice tray. Oh and soap to wash up with afterwards.

The food at food banks is mainly provided by charities and supermarkets. Not by the government. Over half a million people in the UK now rely on food banks while we waste billions on nukes, illegal wars, the corrupt EU, the man made global warming scam 'green levies', useless windmills, bailing out the zombie banks so that they can rip us off again and of course feeding troughing MPs like Mr Maynard.

Scottish Labour MP Anas Sarwar posted missing.

Friday 8 November 2013

"All of us have got the right to speak ".

We've got 'gorgeous' George Galloway MP visiting Dundee this weekend. He's coming north to tell us to "Just say Naw" to independence for Scotland. Tickets are still available at The Whitehall Theatre if you're really quick. A bargain at £12.

"Just say Naw" isn't really a Dundonian slang. We'd say " Just say Nut" but that's probably too close to the truth for George's visit.

George said that "all of us have got the right to speak" about the referendum for Scotland in this video.....

George was repeating the myth that Nigel Farage of the UKIP party had been attacked by SNP, anti English supporters in Edinburgh when the truth was that there were no SNP supporters present although there was an English public schoolboy

Oh and the one person charged was also English.

Last year Scotland was voted the top holiday destination in the world by CNN based in the United States. We welcome everyone to Scotland and are famous for our friendship and hospitality irrespective of a person's race or religion or nationality.

But what about George's claim that "all of us have got a right to speak ".

Will this include Israelis living in the UK ?

George recently walked out of a conference because he doesn't debate with Israelis. I support a homeland for the Palestinians myself but refusing to speak in debates won't help the situation..

George has no problem working for the Iranian Press tv though where gay men are sentenced to death for fighting for their "right to speak" and to live their lives freely and openly.....

I don't know what to make of George. His "Talk Radio" show used to be quite funny but quite often any attempt to challenge him was met by the listener being cut off or he would revert to the old Scottish trick of " whataboutery". This is where any attempt to attack one side of an argument is met by " oh but what about them though".

George has been stirring up fears about what would happen to catholics in an independent Scotland and he said that sectarianism " would undoubtably be able to flourish more"......

He failed to mention all of the fantastic work that has been done in Scotland to stamp out sectarianism. I was brought up in Dundee with a catholic father and protestant mother. I saw both sides of the religious divide being equally sectarian in the 1960's and 1970's. As an atheistic Dundee United supporter I was often accosted by gangs in the schemes who would ask if I was a Celtic or a Rangers supporter in order to determine where my allegiance lay. As an atheistic Utd supporter I had to try and guess which religion they were in order to provide the correct answer and so avoid a doing. This attitude has been mostly wiped out now and Scotland has brought in the first laws to criminalise sectarianism. As a 'responsible' MP George should be promoting the positives rather than reinforcing the negatives. His glee at the demise of the old Glasgow Rangers who are in liquidation was hardly 'statesmanlike'...

George is no better or no worse than the rest of them in the London Parliament. I'm not sure how well he will be received back in Lochee which he recently called a " slum" when he was growing up there. He would watch all the drunks staggering about in the slum apparently. I notice he said that his childhood was " idyllic" in Lochee in the latest Courier newspaper report. Idyllic living in a slum with drunks staggering about ? Mmm possibly I suppose. In George's world.

I think if I went to George's show I would ask.......

1.How can we be 'Better Together' in the Union with Scotland having some of the worst deprivation and life expectancy in Western Europe despite being a so called 'wealthy oil producing nation'. Where has the trillions of pounds of oil money gone ? Norway has saved £800Bn. We've saved nothing.

2. How can it be right to be regularly governed by the Tories when no one has supported them since the 1950's in Scotland ?

3. Why are we spending £40Bn on a new generation of nukes when food banks are opening daily all over Scotland to feed the starving ?

4. Why are we being dragged into eternal foreign wars against countries that are no threat to us ? Bringing death and destruction and despair around the globe.

The list is endless and George would probably cut me off or switch to 'whataboutery'.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

'Better Together' in the UK Armed Forces ?

I was watching a 'debate' the other day between the SNP's Keith Brown and Sir Ming Campbell ( in photo above at RAF be closed shortly ) and Ming said that Scots would prefer to serve in the UK Armed Forces rather than in a Scottish Defence Force as there were more opportunities for travel and excitement. He had absolutely nothing to back up this statement and like many of my colleagues I always tried to get a Scottish posting when in the Forces. The detachments abroad keep on coming wherever your UK base is. A Scottish Defence Force would have plenty of opportunities to travel abroad and to experience as much 'action' as they wanted as they would be welcome anywhere in the world to advise and learn and to share operations with other friendly forces. Likewise foreign forces often visit Scotland to enjoy and share exercises with us. Making use of the fantastic terrain on offer for land, sea and air operations. Scotland recently hosted the biggest NATO exercise for a generation. If this wasn't enough excitement for our young troops then they would still be able to join the Foreign Legion or the UK Armed Forces if they wanted to. Both are full of troops from countries all around the world and Scottish troops have been highly valued for centuries.

Here's a story of how one soldier has been dealt with in the UK Armed Forces. Don't forget that servicemen have no unions to protect them. Everything is done on trust with the so called 'Covenant'. I doubt if his service would have been betrayed so badly in a Scottish Defence Force.....

"A 35-year-old soldier is set to lose a £10,000-a-year pension as he will be made redundant 24 days before he qualifies for a full pension.

The soldier, who joined the Army aged 16 and served in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan, was recovering from surgery when his wife found out by chance that he was due to lose his job."

Oh and it gets even worse. The person who has decided that the soldier won't get a penny in pension for risking his life for the Union is an unelected peer who is accountable to no one....

"The Government’s defence spokesman, Lord Astor of Hever, responded to Lord Touhig saying only 1.2% of Armed Forces personnel selected for compulsory redundancy were close to their pension point and that there were no plans to review the policy."

An emergency debate was held in the unelected House of Lords where Lord Astor was challenged to make things right for the servicemen and women who will lose out due to no fault of their own. He said.....

"The view of the Ministry of Defence is that this is most unfortunate, but that any cut-off dates before IPP or EDPP would invariably leave some Service men and women just outside the bracket. This is unavoidable and adjusting the rules, after their agreement and promulgation would only cause further hardship"

Any other public sector worker would automatically get a pension based on their time in service. These UK Defence pension 'cut off ' dates are only possible because the troops have no means to challenge them.

UK Government Defence Spokesman John Jacob "Johnny" Astor VIII, 3rd Baron Astor of Hever ( DL) presents the Baroness Thatcher 'Sword of Honour' (sic).....

Don't worry son. I'll protect the 'Covenant'

Monday 4 November 2013

'Wings over Scotland' at the Scottish independence rally.

This is a great video from September's pro Scottish independence rally in Edinburgh....

BBC Scotland seemed to be doing a bit of fakery with their report of the rally. Firstly they claimed that only 8,000 pro independence supporters attended the rally when even the police said it was about 20,000 and organisers on the day estimated 30,000. Then the BBC report ( in order to be 'impartial' lol ) showed campaigners for the anti independence 'Better Together' team out on the streets talking and canvasing with 'members of the public'. The 'members of the public' seemed to be just acting. Check it out at about 55 seconds into their report...

Sunday 3 November 2013

Millionaire Tory MP claims £5,822.27 for gas and electric.

While we're all being told to put on a warm jumper or switch energy suppliers in order to cut our energy bills the joker above claimed £5,822.27p for gas and electric on his large estate in Warwickshire this year.

Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi , the Stratford-upon-Avon MP, boasts on his website of his ­achievements on the Energy Bill Committee at improving energy efficiency measures to homes and businesses.

No need for any energy efficiency for himself though. Why bother if someone else is picking up the tab ?

'Only' 340 MPs put in claims for their energy bills and the Mirror newspaper has made a helpful interactive map so you can see who claimed. All the usual suspects are on there so go and have a look.

Millionaire Labour leader Ed Milliband, who is campaigning for an energy price freeze claimed £348.55p for 3 months energy and so froze his own payment at zero.....

Millionaire Anas Sarwar's seems quite reasonable at only £575 ( 3 monthly or per year ?)but Cathy Jamieson's was £725 ( 3 monthly or per year ?). It might be worth putting on a warmer jumper or switching suppliers Cathy.

Of course it goes without saying that the habitual trougher 'Dame' Margaret Beckett is up near the top of the list at £3,960.

The sheep will keep voting for her so she'll keep on troughing.

The last expenses scandal...

Saturday 2 November 2013

HS2 farce.

This high speed rail farce is getting out of hand. Call me Dave is going to commission a report apparently to see about extending it over the border to Scotland. This obviously has nothing to do with the upcoming independence referendum in Scotland and the 'secret' report that explained how HS2 would cost Scotland hundreds of millions in lost revenue if it stopped at Birmingham or Manchester.

Scotland will contribute £4Bn in taxes towards the present HS2 plans although the costs will probably double as usual. It won't reach Manchester until 2033 so will reach Scotland by about 2050. By which time we will all be using jetpacks to travel around and won't need trains.

Scotland contributed hundreds of millions towards HS1 and the eurostar to France and will now contribute billions towards HS2 while we struggle with ancient old trains on ancient old tracks. Like the London Olympics, Scotland will be contributing billions towards something that will actually have a negative effect on our economy. 'Better Together' sticking with the Union ? Buttoned up the back more like.

Meanwhile the new Scotch Secretary Alistair Carmichael " accused SNP transport minister Keith Brown of pitiful behaviour after he questioned the UK government’s commitment to extending HS2 to Scotland. However, Mr Carmichael refused to make any commitment to extending the proposed high-speed rail line across the Border"

Do you see what he did there ?

This is the same drone who wanted his present Scotch Sekratry job scrapped until his Limp Dem party sneaked into power on the back of dumping all of their principles for some comfy seats in the Tory limousines.

Like HS1, they will have to build some kind of HS2. The latest 'vote' in the House of Chancers was all theatre. It's already been signed and agreed behind closed doors with our dear leaders in Brussels so it will go ahead. It's all part of the Trans European Network.

Choo choo.....

Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween.

My neighbour never seems to have any problems with 'trick or treaters'.....

Gordon forgets that he's still an MP.

The former PM Gordon Brown ( above left... feeding the starving in Kirkcaldy ) has been on his worldwide speaking tour for so long now that he woke up on a couch in Qatar and declared that he was an 'ex politician'.

Luckily he was only talking to a BBC beeboid so everyone had a good laugh about his 'gaff'. He's actually still an MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath apparently.

While Grangemouth was being put through the ringer by the Labour Party and Unite, Gordon was going loco in Acapulco. He's now turned up in Qatar.

His speaking tour has netted £1.3m for "The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Limited ".

Gordon chatting in Qatar.....

Gordon's world tour here.

Thursday 24 October 2013

"Key player" in Grangemouth dispute posted missing.

The man at the heart of the Grangemouth dispute seems to have been abducted by aliens. Or is in hiding with Ms Lamont in a bunker somewhere.

According to the BBC ( yes I know )..." The man at the heart of the affair is Stephen Deans, convener of the Unite union in Scotland, who has worked at Grangemouth for 24 years.

It was Mr Deans' role as chairman of the Labour Party in the Falkirk constituency which landed him in hot water with his employer.

In short, the union official was accused of trying to rig the selection of a candidate for Westminster."

According to this report from the BBC again ( yes I know ) Mr Deans is one of the 'key players' in the dispute.

So where is he ?

Scotland's biggest industrial complex is fighting for survival in the run up to a referendum on independence and the 'key player' and the man 'at the heart of the matter' according to the BBC has been posted missing.

It all looks spooky to me....

1. Evil billionaire 'Mr No' who lives on a luxury yacht and is called 'JR' will decide the fate of thousands of workers at a plant that has operated for 90 years.

2. The man at the centre of the dispute has gone missing. No photos, tv or radio interviews or newspaper appearances.

3. Referendum on Scottish independence in less than a year.

4. Gordon Brown has gone to Mexico despite having a constituency nearby and being able to 'save the world'.

5. No funds forthcoming for upgrade of Grangemouth from London despite Scotland due to pay £4Bn towards the HS2 rail link from London to Birmingham.

It's a good job I don't believe in conspiracies.

I did find this rare picture of Mr Deans in the John O' Groats Journal from two years ago ( 2nd from left )....

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Dundee cancer 'street healers' get £200k to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Despite the fact that 'the experts' now admit that there's no link between CO2 and the global warming scam it seems that the SNP government haven't got the message yet.

Dundee's 'Gate Church International' have just been awarded £200k to help them to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Gate Church International, in Perth Road, is getting the money from the Scottish Government’s climate challenge fund.

Its carbon saving project aims to promote behaviour changes towards low-carbon lifestyles.

The money will go towards a bike rack for 20 pushbikes and special ‘destratification’ fans to be placed in the church auditorium.

The church raised eyebrows back in April when it claimed to be able to cure people of cancer by praying over them.

They also handed out leaflets to Dundee shoppers that read..."Do you suffer from back pain, arthritis, MS, addiction, cancer, ulcers, depression, allergies, fibromyalgia, asthma, paralysis, crippling disease, phobias or any other sickness?

We’d love to pray for your healing right now! We’re Christians from Gate Church International. We believe God loves you and can heal you from any sickness today."

I've always believed in live and let live and if people want to believe in God or whatever then that's up to them. I don't think taxpayers should have to fund them in any way though and I don't think they should be allowed access to young minds in order to influence them before they have developed suitable cognitive abilities to determine for themselves if there is a God and that they want to pursue this further.

It's sad therefore when you read this statement on the Gate Church website.....

"Baby Church is for infants aged between birth and two years old. At Baby Church we seek to demonstrate God’s love to the babies through singing, story telling, play and lots of repetition. We cover 3 main areas: things God has made, things God gives us and love for all He has created. Through ministering to the children in these areas we can do so much more than just babysitting. We have the opportunity to sow into their lives the truth of God’s love for them, knowing that we are laying foundations of precious stones.

Toddlers (aged 2 - 4 ) learn that "we can talk to God"

As kids get older the 'training' seems to draw them further into their religion with no alternatives shown to them.

Children are not 'religious' but are the children of 'religious parents'. How can a baby understand religion when it's cognitive abilities haven't yet developed sufficiently ? It happily believes in Santa Claus so will have no problem believing an adult if they say that they must believe in an invisible man in the sky on threat of burning in hell for eternity.

The 'church of climatology' and the 'religious churches' are well matched as they both believe in faith and they both hate to be challenged.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Malala circus rolls into town.

Poor Malala. Shot in the head by the taliban in Pakistan and now dragged around the world as a useful propaganda tool for the West in it's fake 'War on Terror'.

You know things are getting surreal when she shares the stage with the former PM Gordon Brown who bankrolled the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have seen thousands of civilians ( including hundreds of 'Malala's') blown to pieces or maimed for life or left to suffer a lingering death by depleted uranium poisoning.

And of course the death toll is still rising with daily drone attacks on 'suspected militants' ongoing.

Drone strike casualties in Pakistan...

Pakistan 2004–2013

CIA Drone Strikes

Total strikes: 376

Nobel peace prize winner Obama strikes: 325

Total killed: 2,525-3,613

Civilians killed: 407-926

Children killed: 168-200

Injured: 1,117-1,505

Malala was in Edinburgh addressing the first public meeting of the Global Citizenship Commission and to receive an honourary degree from Edinburgh University. The Commission is headed by the weird Gordon Brown and contains all the usual folk from the shadowy parallel government that really runs things in the world...UN, Rothschilds, Carnegies, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers etc...

A 'Malala inspired' scholarship programme has just been announced which will see as many as 40 young women from Pakistan go to university.

The Scottish Government is putting up £300,000 for the initiative, with External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf saying it would help these females “achieve their potential and ambitions”.

Sadly there are many Pakistani children who will never "achieve their potential and ambitions"...

The kids try to get us to stop killing them but it's all to no avail....

Preparing to attack more 'militants'...

Thursday 10 October 2013

Farewell Sir Ming. The ermine robe beckons.

Sir 'Ming ' Campbell is to retire from the London Parliament. His job defending the Union is done.

He seemed a decent sort. Serious and 'statesmanlike'.

I remember him campaigning for Scottish devolution while he had decided to stay at the London parliament. Maybe he felt he was too gravitas a figure for the 'pretendy' parliament in Edinburgh ? I attended one of his meetings in a small village hall in Fife and he didn't really explain why he wasn't wanting to serve in the Scottish parliament.

He leaves behind a diminished North East Fife constituency. The RAF are to leave RAF Leuchars. He fought against the plans by the coalition but was unsuccessful. The paper mill at Guardbridge also closed under his watch. Another massive blow to the local area.

A drive through NE Fife will reveal crumbling roads while there is plenty of 'green cash' for a new windmill farm overlooking the famous St Andrews Old Course. The 'home of golf' will be overlooked by useless white elephants from a bygone era. Old fossils mocking us as they add 10% to our energy bills while pensioners hurry to get their affairs in order before the onset of winter sees their numbers whittled down by another 20,000. Too poor and afraid to turn up their heating as they look out on hills full of idle, but very expensive, windmills. Sitting listless in the weak winter sunshine.

Ming fought mercilessly against the illegal attack on Iraq. To no avail. He was keen on an attack on Syria. To no avail.

He welcomed Hillary Clinton to St Andrews University where he is Chancellor. Ms Clinton was honoured for her efforts in "championing the causes of education, human rights, democracy, civil society and promoting opportunities for females around the world."

This raised eyebrows after her performance at the inquiry into the Benghazi debacle where the US ambassador Stephens and his guards were murdered. Their cries for help were allegedly ignored. Ms Clinton got angry at the inquiry and asked 'what difference does it make' how the ambassador and his guards died....

Her appearance on CBS News was also considered to be 'in bad taste' and 'lacking in humanity'....

Ms Clinton has been selected by both the red and blue teams to be the next US President.

Sir Ming did a short spell as Lib Dem party leader but best to zip past that quickly and spare everyone's blushes.

The expenses scandal found him to be keen on 'scatter cushions' and a 'designer bedroom ' for his 'bachelor flat' in London. Nothing untoward here. Scatter cushions are popular with parliamentarians. No I don't know why.

So good luck in retirement Sir Ming. You have achieved more than most. Certainly more than myself. But was it worth it ?

Tuesday 8 October 2013

House prices to be re inflated for a bigger pop later.

What a good idea from the London coalition government. As house prices finally start to fall they decide to re inflate the bubble with taxpayers money. £12bn is the latest tranche of money that will be given away in order to re inflate the housing market. 15% of the cost of a house will be handed over by taxpayers.

It seems that house prices are too high and the deposits required to own a home are beyond the reach of home buyers. In a proper 'capitalist system' what would happen is that house prices would fall to meet the market price. But homeowners have been sitting tight, refusing to lower their house price and waiting to see who would blink first. The government blinked first and Danny Alexander ( in photo above visiting a food bank that feeds the starving ) has been doing the rounds of tv studios telling us all what a great idea the new £12Bn giveaway is. It's just a cynical ploy to get them past the next election with a fake 'feel good factor' in the country. It's often called 'kicking the can down the road'. Putting off the big decisions for another day. By which time the politicians will have retired to a cushy job in Brussels, are touring the world doing speeches or are sitting in the House of Lords snoozing until it's time for dinner.

There's been no recovery since the 'great crash' of 2008. Our debt is rising by £120Bn a year and is now at over £1trillion. Our zombie banks are still zombie banks despite receiving nearly £1trillion in bail outs. The banksters still enjoy huge pay and bonuses and travel the world first class with hospitality wherever they go. Retired savers who once lived on their 5% interest are getting no interest and are eating into their capital. Eventually everyone will be in debt servitude and the top 1% will have it all. Anyone stepping onto the housing ladder and buying their first house ( outside of London ) is bonkers. Interest rates will have to rise soon and they will be ruined.

Monday 7 October 2013

Highland 'Big Hitter' brought in to save the Union.

A Scottish Highlands 'big hitter' ( above right ) has replaced another 'big hitter' from somewhere else in Scotchland as Scotch Secretary in order to fight for the Union.

Speaking on Skye News the new North British noble said that the last noble "did an excellent job....and got the referendum question that Project Fear wanted (sic)"

He then went on to say that "he would welcome a debate with Alex Salmond and that Scotchland had the best of both worlds with the Union".....[Ed :food banks to simulate the 3rd world and a 1st world Scotch oil pipeline to the south so they can see what they could have won if they'd voted for independence the last time ?]

I watched the evening news to get their 'fair and impartial' reports on the new appointment.

STV news..."Alistair Carmichael[new Scotch Secretary] is more fiesty, known as a bruiser, Michael Moore[previous noble] lacked the killer instinct, gloves are off, more aggressive and argumentative with all the qualities required to take on the independence supporters".

No right of reply from pro independence supporters.

BBC Reporting Scotland....."Alistair Carmichael more combative, political streetfighter who will take the fight to the SNP."

No right of reply from pro independence supporters.

Friday 4 October 2013

BBC Scotland bias confirmed.

The former BBC Scotland broadcaster Derek Bateman has been writing a witty and informative blog about his time as a newspaper journalist and as a presenter on Radio Scotland.

He confirmed our suspicions that the top management at BBC Scotland are Labour / Unionist supporters when he said that John Boothman, the Head of news and the partner of the former Labour health minister Susan Deacon "was a clear asset to the BBC because of his Labour connections. They were key to his career and were valued by all."

I'm looking forward to reading Mr Bateman's blog although I'll be wary of it turning into another false flag. It started with a bang about BBC bias but we're now hearing about the 'steely professionalism' of Kirsty Wark .......Spanish holidays with a Scottish Labour leader and vitriolic interviews with Alex Salmond and the SNP aren't professional.

In another of his blog posts he wonders if Kaye Adams is biased ( sic ). He thinks she's maybe just doing what she's told by the producer speaking in her ear.....the only obeying orders gambit ?

Luckily Kaye is moving to 'Loose Women'. One to miss even more fervently now.

So hopefully his blog isn't a smokescreen to cover the inbuilt bias and hatred at BBC Scotland against Scottish independence and is a warts and all expose of the Unionist propaganda transmitter that is BBC Scotland.

The Scottish independence referendum is drawing near and there is still no sign of international monitors being called in to control the BBC and ensure a fair referendum.

It's good to record the evidence from Derek Bateman's blog of the institutional bias at BBC Scotland but this will only be academical for future generations to ponder over if it isn't acted on now while it can still be stopped.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Bad Al keeps bouncing back.

Just as Ed Milliband was getting a sympathetic hearing over his fight with the Daily Mail and it's attack on his father....up pops Bad Al to create mayhem and confusion. Most folk now forget what the Daily Mail argument was about...was Ed's father a marxist who hated Britain ?...and have re focused on to Alastair Campbell and his latest angry visits to the tv studios to 'defend' Ed.

As usual Al talks over his 'opponent' so we don't get to hear any counter arguments so any goodwill towards Ed Milliband evaporates as we start remembering 'dodgy dossiers' and millions marching against Labour's illegal war in Iraq etc...

I can just imagine Al's ancestors spinning another wee Campbell fracas from a couple of centuries ago..

Tuesday 1 October 2013

US Government shuts down.

The Republicans and Democrats in the US fail to agree the US budget for the year ahead so government agencies start shutting down.

Including The White House...

Horses heads at Dundee City Hall.

I've never been into conspiracy theories [Ed : Aye can't get enough of them you tin foil hatter] but I spotted these horses heads lying in front of Dundee City Hall the other day and realised that Dundee had just submitted it's bid for City of Culture 2017 against three other cities in the UK ( Hull,Swansea and Leicester ).

Tasteful modern art or something more sinister afoot ?....

Sunday 29 September 2013

Convicted war criminal endorses the global warming scam.

Convicted war criminal Tony Blair arrived in New York on board his private jet to endorse the findings of the latest IPCC report on global warming and said "No 'serious person' should doubt man is behind climate change".

The war criminal went on to say.."After this panel assessment this week, there will no longer be any serious doubt in the minds of serious people that this is a serious problem. Ninety-five per cent certain, is a pretty large degree of certainty – I recall that the number of people who think Elvis is still alive is round about five per cent,” he added, to laughter."

Well there won't be much laughter in Iraq today where daily bombings are still taking their toll. Blair was "100%" certain that the intelligence on WMD's in Iraq was accurate and he believed everything he was told by the 'experts'. There were no WMD's and the 'dodgy dossier' on WMD's was found to be full of half truths and best estimates and general tittle tattle dragged from the internet. A bit like the IPCC report. Blair is obviously easily led as he kept telling us he was a 'straight kinda guy'.

Blair's new £30m private jet has been nicknamed 'Blair Force One' and comes with a distinctive black, gold and silver livery and is a prized find for plane spotters, who post sightings and photographs on the internet. It is reckoned among aviation experts to be the best long-range private jet on the market. "

Blair Force One...

Blair may opt to swim home to one of his mansions due to the serious nature of man made global warming and the role of private jets in increasing deadly CO2 into the atmosphere. Or maybe not.

One of Tony's 'carbon neutral' houses...

Blair was found guilty in a Malaysian court of crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and genocide as a result of his role in the illegal invasion of Iraq which left the country in ruins, millions homeless, millions dead or disfigured and a constant stream of deformed babies being born due to the use of depleted uranium shells.

Saturday 28 September 2013

Global warming scam becomes a religion.

It's official. With just blind faith to sustain them, the global warming scammers have gone all religious. Bless them in their ignorance.

The latest rubbish from the IPCC ( Inside Pachauri's Church of Climatology ) can't explain why there's been no warming for nearly 20 years ( apart from saying that the extra heat might have been absorbed by the sea...wonder why the sea has just started doing that in the last 20 years...the sea ate my homework ?) so have opted for blind faith and said that they're 95% certain that we're all going to burn up and the oceans will rise and wash us all away. Or something like that anyway. That's up 5% from their last report. Since when it's stubbornly refused to get any warmer on the planet.

I could estimate ( with a group of fellow consensus seekers) that I've got a 95% chance of getting knocked down by a car if I run onto a motorway. It doesn't mean that I will. It's not science. Just what I think might happen. I wouldn't put zillions of dollars on the outcome either way as there's no scientific evidence to support my 95% idea.

Science is never 'settled' and certainly isn't any more real by having a 'consensus'. It should be constantly re evaluated and any discrepancies in data looked at independently. There was once a consensus that ulcers were caused by stress or spicy foods etc. Until two Australians discovered the real source...the H pylori bacteria. The two Australians were ignored until they proved their research using real science. By blocking any criticism of the global warming religion the IPCC and their useful idiots have backed themselves into a corner and are closing their eyes and ears to any other scientific view.

We all know what this global warming/ climate change/ climate disruption/ climate religion is all about. It's to create a world carbon tax and keep thousands of pseudo scientists, politicians and BBC employees etc in a well paid job. And to maintain their credibility and reputations. Nothing more nothing less.

Future generations will laugh at us for the blind fools that we are. Followers of the man made global warming religion caused by harmless carbon dioxide. With our weird and useless windmills and carbon taxes and other useless, but very expensive, follys.

The climate is constantly changing. We've had ice ages and tropical periods over the same land mass long before man came on the scene. We'll go through these natural cycles again in the future due to the actions of the sun or other natural phenomena.

Ignore all the lies coming out of the BBC etc and watch an alternative report on the global warming scam and the IPCC....

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Things kick off at Labour party conference....

Suspected to be a fight over the inappropriate use of an apostrophe ( Nuke's rather than Nukes on the dogs coat )

Political 'heavyweight' and blogger Iain Dale gets upset when the book plug for one of his authors, Damian McSmear, is interrupted by a harmless anti nuke protestor in Brighton.

It might be best to hold the interview in private next time as I don't think it's good publicity to wrestle an old man to the ground who is just exercising his right to protest in public.

The dog seems to be biting his owner rather than Iain. Strange.

Saturday 21 September 2013

30,000 march for freedom !

Just back from a fantastic day out in Edinburgh at the 'Yes Scotland' independence rally. Some great speeches, poems and songs. I finally got to meet the Rev Stu and got my shiny 'Wings Over Scotland' badge. It was also nice to meet and chat to other bloggers.

I took some pics...

Rev Stu handing out the famous badges...

Nicola chats to the crowd before the march gets under way....

And we're off...

Darling in front of one of the private zombie banks that he 'bailed out' with public money...

We took turns carrying the Wings Over Scotland banner...

The police helicopter kept buzzing the crowd all day...

2 converts from the police !...

Security cameras were everywhere..

One of the best dressed Yes supporters..

Elaine and Hardeep bring the rally to a close..