Wednesday 29 May 2013

Pointless Minister reinforces her pointlessness.

Lib Dem Women and Equalities Minister Jo Swinson ( above left in yellow top) says parents should stop telling their children that they're beautiful as it will give them body confidence issues later in life.

It's ok to praise them for finishing a jigsaw puzzle though.

I'm glad she wasn't my mum or aunty. Like most kids I was glad of any praise as a boost to my self esteem while trying to grow up in a cruel world.

Lib Dems probably didn't get much praise when they were kids. It would explain why they're mostly a weird bunch of misfits and creeps. Regular expenses troughers with no problem breaking pledges and promises.

Getting into power is probably a way of getting back at all the bullying they received in school. Their chance to make our lives a misery with all their bullshit ideas.

Billions of years of evolution mean that this weirdos ideas will be ignored. A parents urge to love and nurture their offspring will override any instructions from this fruitcake.

An 'Equalities Minister' who voted to support the very 'unequal' bedroom tax by the way.

And failed to take proper action after allegations of sexual impropriety by Lord Rennard were reported to her. She said she couldn't do anything as no one had made a 'formal complaint'. She went to ground instead. Bless.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Hague's tweet signs death warrant for thousands in Syria.

Foreign Secretary William Hague ( in photo above left ) was cock a hoop tonight at the decision of the EU to end the embargo on supplying weapons to Syria.

His tweet read....

"Right EU decision tonight. Arms embargo on Syrian opposition ended. No immediate decision to send arms. Other sanctions remain".

10:48 PM - 27 May 2013

Mr Hague plans to send arms to the 'moderate' rebels in Syria.

This has raised a few eyebrows as the most powerful 'rebel' factions are mainly bloodthirsty Al Qaeda supporters. How on earth are we to ensure that they don't just take the weapons for themselves ?

The 'rebels' include Abu Sakkar a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade who likes to eat the hearts of dead Syrian soldiers.

Or Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani who has pledged allegiance to the leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The 'rebels' are also accused of using the deadly nerve agent sarin according to war crimes prosecutors.

China and Russia will now feel obliged to supply more weapons to the Syrian regime leading to a total bloodbath.

So what is it all about ?

Why are we planning to expend yet more blood and treasure on yet another quagmire ? Weren't the disasters of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya et al enough for us ?

According to this report it's all about the planned natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey via Syria and then onwards to the rest of Europe. This will negate the need to rely on the politically sensitive Russian gas. We need a compliant regime ( Muslim Brotherhood again ? ) running the show in Syria to make it happen. Assad is not playing the game properly. Like Gaddafi, Hussein etc he will have to go .

If you don't play the game then you're eliminated.

And now more of our best young men and women will end up fighting and dying for big business. Dying or being maimed or being broken mentally. Or making it home in one piece to be murdered by the enemy within.

Or humiliated by Hague's government.

The 'great game' must go on.

Sunday 26 May 2013

Jim Murphy writes in the Daily Mail.

We don't see or hear much from Jim ( Labour Shadow Defence Secretary) so I was interested to hear what he had to say about the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby in London by muslim terrorists.

Here's some of his comments. With my thoughts.

From his article....

"The country reacted with collective revulsion"

No. According to MI5 there are 2,000 muslim terror cells in the UK at the moment wanting to do us harm. That's thousands of muslims who will have rejoiced at Lee's murder.

"The barbaric act of terror, so graphic on our TV screens, will not go unpunished and nor will it be forgotten.

Lee's murderers will have an easy life in jail and if they get any hassle then they will complain to the ECHR who will tell us what to do with them.

After the 7/7 attacks we ploughed hundreds of millions into projects to re educate radical muslims while forgetting about the victims.

"Our nation is a remarkable blend of modernity and enduring institutions including the Monarchy, NHS and the BBC."

That's why you started privatising the NHS is it ? And as for the BBC. Enough already said about that rancid institution.

The BBC provides a regular platform for Islamic 'hate preachers' to vent their spleen at us while making programmes that undermine confidence in Armed Forces charities such as 'Help for Heroes'.

"Their [ Armed Forces] acts of collective courage and individual ingenuity in the dust and danger of battlefields overseas is awe-inspiring.

Yes it is. Despite being sent to fight in illegal wars by your government and being poorly equipped with light skinned land rovers and having no personal body armour for themselves.

You sent them off to war despite admitting to being clueless about the socio-political situations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Historians have written hundreds of books on the subject over centuries. All ignored by newLabour apparently.

"We can give to one of our great military charities by all means but let’s do something else as well.

How about relieving the pressure on charities and providing proper care for our servicemen and women ? We can spend billions fighting overseas wars but then leave it to charities to pick up the pieces. Disgraceful. I can remember there being four military hospitals but don't think there are any now.

"We all know that during the 1970s and 1980s the Forces were advised not to wear uniforms off base because of IRA/INLA terrorism."

No. It wasn't 'advised' It was totally banned. I remember it well. And the ban continued until we surrendered to the IRA in the 1990's.

"But we should all ask ourselves: ‘What am I personally going to do in memory of all of those who have been lost, including Lee Rigby, or injured, or who still serve today?

If you had a heart then you would resign as Shadow Defence Secretary and allow someone who is more able to take up the post. You're totally clueless and out of your depth. Our armed forces are being cut to the bone and you're the invisible man. Be a man and get out of the way.

More rubbish scare stories from 'The Scotsman' while it looks for new friends.

Circulation of 'The Scotsman' and 'Scotland on Sunday' has followed 'The Herald' newspaper and is collapsing.

"The Scotsman's sales in January 2013 were recorded as 32,435, only 21,806 of which were sold at the full cover price. That represented a year-on-year drop of 17.5% from 2012.

'Scotland on Sunday's' circulation fall, to a January average of 38,493, was worse. That was 24% fewer than in January 2012".

So, supporting the Labour Party and Unionists, writing daily anti SNP stories, shedding quality staff, increasing the price and generally doing everything it can to get rid of loyal customers ( myself included ) has failed to save the paper ?

Shocking. How could that be ? Tis a mystery right enough.

The new plan to save 'The Scotsman' is to invite 'friends' to contribute articles to the paper for a fee. This might add up to 4 pages to the disappearing organ.

Paying to have your articles printed in a newspaper ? They'll be exciting then. Cannae wait to read them corkers.

However...."Individuals, companies and political parties cannot become friends".

Oh dear. The Labour Party will be miffed at this. They had been getting on so well with The Scotsman as well. Ditto the other Unionist parties. Maybe Ms Lamont etc could comment as ahem... friends speaking in a private capacity ? Yes that might work.

Or better still ..let 'The Scotsman' report their statements instead. Like what they do at the moment.

That would be far easier. Ms Lamont etc don't seem to be the best of communicators so a nice tidy up and cut and paste from the remaining Scotsman journalists will spruce up their statements a bit for them.

Oh, I nearly forgot, today's anti SNP scare story was something to do with savers not having their savings guaranteed in an independent Scotland. The EU is very strict on protecting savers money apparently. Not strict enough to stop the EU from shafting savers in Cyprus of course. Ordering the theft of savings from the bank accounts of innocent savers in order to pay off the EU banksters who crashed the Cypriot economy.

The scare story is also in The Herald newspaper as well. Can't these two organs at least find a different anti independence scare story to report on ?

The weasels have probably given up trying to be original. That's so last century darling.

Of course the main story that should have been reported is why on earth the SNP want to be dictated to by the spivs and banksters in Brussels when they gain independence ? How 'independent' would Scotland be if we are run by the corrupt EU where they haven't had their accounts adudited in 15 years due to the billions that are stolen via the various scams available.

Instead we have the SNP rushing out a pathetic statement insisting that Scotland would comply with all EU regulations on people's savings ( that the EU don't actually follow themselves) like good little europhiles.

I wonder if I should pay 'The Scotsman' the £300 fee to be one of their 'friends' and contribute an article about EU corruption ? Or just blog it here for free ? Mmm have to think about that one.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Indebted banks no longer Scotland's problem after independence ?

Here's a sort of good news story about independence dressed up as a bad news scare story by The Scotsman newspaper.

"Scottish independence: RBS and HBOS may leave".

"Royal Bank of Scotland and the Bank of Scotland would find it harder to 
finance their operations, according to Sir John Gieve, undermining Scotland’s position as a global finance centre."

I thought these banks were mostly owned by the taxpayer ? And that 'Bank of Scotland' was bought over by Halifax years ago and then became part of the 'Lloyds Banking Group' when Gordon Brown gave them a copper bottomed guarantee ( and billions in bailout money) allowing them to carry on as normal. Including taking billions in bonuses while still sucking at the taxpayers teat ?

So two alleged bankrupt zombie banks with a bottomless pit of yet unknown debts waiting to be discovered will leave Scotland after independence ? Doesn't sound too bad. A burden that will no longer be our problem hopefully. Although in truth we're in hock for 10% of their debts while not being allowed to keep sterling and tie in with the Bank of England monetary policy. This banking is confusing. It's at the top of the capitalist system until it fails and then it's bailed out. Going against the principles of capitalism.

Heads they win. Tails we lose.

Monday 20 May 2013

Frankie Boyle talks to Max Keiser about Scottish independence.

Anti Scottish independence scare stories losing their mojo.

The scare stories about the dangers of Scottish independence have reached such a fever pitch that people are automatically switching off and waiting for the weather forecast. This is my scientific conclusion after observing those closest to me as the next Unionist is wheeled on to claim " We're doomed Captain . Doomed I tell you".

"Stand down Corporal Fraser they're not listening to us anymore" advised a scare story spokesperson.

Mikey Moore ( pictured surveying a Scottish oil rig above) says our savings, pensions and investments will be doomed if we vote yes to independence.

Ten out of ten for cheek I suppose.

I don't think there's anything left for them to rip us off with while part of the Union.

Libor ( inter bank lending ) rate.....check. Ripped off. Mortgages more expensive than they should be due to collusion between banks

Endownments......check. Massive misselling fraud.

Savings.....check. 30% drop in net worth as savings de valued as they print money to bailout their pals in the city. The spivs and banksters who crashed the system. Over a trillion pounds in bailouts and no arrests but thousands thrown on the dole.

PPI ( payment protection insurance )...check. Massive misselling and compensation running to millions.

Gold...check. Massive market rigging crashing the price of gold. Not down to Gordon Brown crash yet but going down.

Silver...check. Massive market rigging crashing price.

Food ....check. Buying up food production land with bailout cash and sitting on the land causing food shortages and so higher prices.

Energy..check. Collusion between energy providers and massive handouts in rent to landowners for windmills. Usually some Lord or other such sponger.

Petrol....check. Collusion between oil companies to keep prices high. And so food prices and other goods that require transportation.

Travel...check. The most expensive rail tickets in the world to help fund private companies who run our railways.

International money laundering...check. HSBC fined over a billion pounds in the US for assisting the laundering of Mexican drug money.

Private pensions...check. Once the envy of the world. Stripped bare by Gordon Brown scrapping their tax breaks. £100Bn robbed from them in a decade to fund new Labour's social engineering schemes.

Updates ...

Credit card protection (CCP)....check. Billion pound rip off. Not required but customers conned into taking it out. Compensation in a few years time maybe.

Co op bank.... run by an alleged junkie and alleged fraudster called Reverend Flowers.....supposed to be an ethical bank. Funded the Labour Party.

Thinking about it I can't think of a single product that hasn't been used to thrash us to death with corruption and fraud in this 'United Kingdom'. It's quite staggering really.

The City of London. The capital of the world in fraud and corruption.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Beckham quits football.

There were tears of joy tonight as David Beckham finally hung up his boots to spend more time with his family. Beckham spent his last season in France where he was used to help generate income by promoting new sports kit for the fans.

Beckham's retirement will spare the blushes of England managers who had to negotiate carefully around Beckhanism. Afraid to tell him he was past it in case they were struck down by the baying tabloid press for being unpatriotic.

Beckham hung around the 2012 London Olympics like a bad smell. Hoping to get picked for 'Team GB' but being disappointed and forced to smile for the cameras instead while inwardly fuming.

He will now team up with Glasgow Rangers legend Gordon Ramsay to take the restaurant sector by storm.

Have a happy retirement Dave and 'keep believing'.

Saturday 18 May 2013

More Harry Potter than 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum'.

Another trustee from Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA... pay circa £18k) who was branded a 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum' by Nigel Farage of UKIP was actually a former Marlwood schoolboy (est 1606) who pitched to be president of the EUSA and is Chief Historian of the bunting society.

Here he pitches to be president...

Mike was lifted by Police Force Scotland for pouring coca cola over Lord Monckton. Allegedly.

Mike tweeted: "Ukip protest today branded as 'anti-English.' As a proud Englishman, arrested today for protesting, I dispute these claims."

The EUSA's president James McCash offered Mr Shaw his support today.

Student demos aint what they used to be !

Harrow educated public schoolboy accused of being "Scottish Nationalist fascist scum"

As predicted the media have had a field day attacking the SNP and the pro independence 'Yes Scotland' campaign after the protests against Nigel Farage's visit to Edinburgh.

This was despite no one from the SNP or 'Yes Scotland' actually being present and the protest being organised by the 'Radical Indpendence' group.

Max Crema ( in photo above on the right) who attended the protest and is a member of Radical Independence is actually a Harrow educated public schoolboy who is now a publicly funded trustee (circa £18K per annum) with EUSA ( Edinburgh University Students Association). He's also a member of the Labour Party. Hardly a 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum'.

Mr Crema narrowly won a motion of no confidence after tweeting 'fuck old people' and blogging 'Why we spit in your drinks' while under suspension for the 'fuck old people ' remarks.

The vote of no confidence also accused Mr Crema of.....

"Not giving students a proper voice in January when, after a vote, the association adopted the position that ‘there should be no Royal Family’ on behalf of all Edinburgh University students. This followed the adoption of Princess Anne as the chancellor of the university.

Finally, the motion of no confidence in Mr Crema refers to EUSA obtaining a court order to prevent the publication of an article in the university’s newspaper The Student two months ago."

So he hates old people and isn't keen on Royalty and is a member of the Labour party who supports radical independence and he obtains court orders to prevent newspaper articles.

I'm not sure what the term for this type of person is.

Certainly not a 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum'.

More a very naughty potty mouthed posh boy.

Friday 17 May 2013

Scottish independence campaign has a bad day at the office.

The pro independence campaign suffered a blip yesterday with protesters screaming 'scum scum scum ' and 'stick the Union Jack up your arse' etc at UKIP leader Nigel Farage in Edinburgh.

Although the pro independence 'Yes Scotland ' campaign has tried to distance itself from the melee in Edinburgh yesterday saying it "had no knowledge or involvement in any of the scenes on the Royal Mile " it will still be tarred with the same brush.

It's almost as if the whole thing was a set up. Every news organisation was on hand to witness the scenes on the Royal Mile and it was timed perfectly for the 6 o'clock news.

The follow up interviews and comments in the media have concentrated on blaming everything on the SNP and the 'nationalist racists who hate the English'.

A few wavering independence supporters may now be persuaded to stick with the 'safety' of the Union.

A job well done by whoever is working things behind the scenes I'd say.

Thursday 16 May 2013

BBC Scotland caught " misleading listeners and breaching rules on conflict of interest ".

Not content with running a campaign against independence for Scotland BBC Scotland has now been caught telling porkies to a listener and changing news stories to cover for one of it's presenters.

"BBC Scotland dropped a report into problems at the Glasgow Science Centre because a news presenter had appeared in an advertisement for the attraction, a damning report has found"

Freelance presenter Colin Kelly had been in an STV advert for the Science Centre so the BBC News editor dropped the story about the problems at the centre presumably to spare his blushes.

A listener who complained was generally fobbed off ( sounds very likely....if you've ever complained to BBC Scotland ).

The report found a..."clear breach of the guidelines on conflicts of interest as the news agenda of Morning Briefing had been distorted to take account of the presenter's appearance in a television advertisement".

Mr Robertson ( who complained to the BBC )said: "How can we trust BBC Scotland's journalism when controversial stories are dropped due to senior managers not being able to follow their own guidelines?"

Join the club buddy.

Only a dismantling of the biased BBC and a return of our £146 tv tax ( paid on threat of prison) will solve the problem.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

First Minister undermines support for independence with EU comments.

First Minister Alex Salmond has failed to offer an olive branch to the supporters of independence who don't want to be part of the European Union.

Speaking yesterday ( after a Bill for a referendum on the EU in 2017 was published by the Conservative Party ) he said...."A vote for independence is now the “only way” to ensure Scotland’s continued membership of the European Union".

And..."If people voted Yes to independence next year, he said, Scotland would remain within the EU, leaving the rest of the UK to decide for itself."

This will leave the 50% of Scots who favour leaving the EU in a quandary. Although they won't all favour independence for Scotland there will be many who will. They will have to weigh up the option of voting to get out of the EU via the Tory referendum ( and so voting against an independent Scotland which would deny them an EU referendum) , or hoping that the EU rejects Scotland's bid to join the EU after independence. There will probably only be one chance of both referendums in their lifetime so it's a difficult choice to make.

Governed from London in an independent UK or governed from Brussels in an 'independent' Scotland ?

There's the slight advantage in favour of being governed from London as we have a 10% say in who governs us from London and a 0% say in who governs us from Brussels.

Although the EU will finally die due the endemic corruption and incompetence it will not be gone in the near future unfortunately so the Tory referendum might be the only chance to get out of it.

I see the EU budget will rise yet again this year. Another £1.2Bn extra from us to help pay Baroness Ashton £400,000 for doing nothing, despite her being voted the most incompetent Minister in the EU by her other incompetent colleagues. That's going some Cathy !

Wanna see my bank balance ? I've pocketed over a million pounds so far !......

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Photoshop man trousers £400,000 per annum at Ministry of Truth.

'Stinky' Purnell, the former 'Blair babe' is to pocket nearly £400K plus exes at the Ministry of Truth as their new 'Director of Strategy and Digital'.

I think £400K works out at about 3,000 tv license taxes. The equivalent of a small town supporting stinkies wages.

Stinky got the name 'photoshop man' after it was admitted that pictures of him attending a PFI ( private finance initaitive ten times for the hospital but keep it off the books ) hospital opening had been faked using photoshop. He wasn't able to attend the opening so they left a gap for him and pasted him in later....

He got the nickname 'stinky' after leaving his Covent Garden flat like a pigsty. He was a keen trougher during the 'MPs' expenses scandal' so this was to be expected. Despite charging us for 'professional cleaners' he handed the flat back to the landlord looking like this...

And this...

Stinky will fit in perfectly at the Ministry of Truth and won't even have to hold his nose at the stink.

Monday 13 May 2013

Oh no. He's back.

The man who said he'd 'saved the world' and 'ended boom and bust' ( he was really just a very naughty boy who crashed the UK economy and then went into hiding ) is now promising to help to save the Union.

The curse of Jonah Brown is now on the 'Better Together' campaign.

UPDATE : The curse of Jonah Brown doth strike quickly....

Scotland on Sunday poll - 12/05/13

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Is Gordon Brown an asset to the pro-UK cause, or a liability?

Asset ...........505 (30%)

Liability.......1179 (70%)

Sunday 12 May 2013

We can't ''make our own decisions" in the EU Pete.

"SNP MPs will reject Eurosceptic Tory moves to introduce an early EU referendum that would take place before Scotland had time to achieve independence from the rest of the UK."

I don't know where this SNP obsession for being part of the EU is coming from. They're determined to stop Scots from having a say on whether we want to stay part of the EU. I don't know anyone who wants to stay in the EU. Independence in Europe is an oxymoron. How independent are Greece, Cyprus, Ireland etc ? Bankrupted by the EU and strapped to the EU teat for generations. Their leaders just doing what they're told by the EU troika.

Pete Wishart SNP MP goes on to say......

"There would be no chance whatsoever of us supporting Tory backbenchers in their ­obsession with getting out of European membership. We are in favour of Scottish independence. We are not interested at all in the Conservative right wing’s plans for a referendum on Europe. For us it is about making sure our country is ­independent in 2016 and ­making its own decisions".

I don't know any law or piece of legislation that isn't subservient to EU / ECHR law or legislation so how can we be independent inside the EU and "making our own decisions" ? It's not possible.

EU Law is made by an unelected commission whose laws are rubber stamped by an EU 'Parliament' using majority voting.

The Scottish government will have zero influence on determining what laws are used to govern us from the EU. Our fishing industry etc will continue to be pillaged by foreign vessels. Our oil and gas sector is being eyed up at the moment with new rules and regulations being proposed by the EU.

Norway has built up an £800Bn sovereign wealth fund while we have nothing. Norway trades freely with the EU via the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). This is the correct way to go Pete.

The EU isn't a democracy. It's just a dictatorship reminiscent of the old Soviet Union. EU Commissioners are just the cronies selected to either get them out of the way or to keep them quiet. Unelected, unelectable and generally hated.

No wonder the EU is often referred to as the EUSSR.

Some previous unelected Commissioners making "the decisions"....

Saturday 11 May 2013

Aberdeen Bay white elephant farm put on hold.

Good news for Aberdeen Bay which had been threatened with an offshore white elephant farm.

"Speculation the project could end up “dead in the water” intensified when Swedish company Vattenfall – Europe’s sixth-largest generator of electricity – announced plans to put its 75 per cent stake in the venture up for sale"

Good luck with getting investment for a white elephant farm. I suspect 'investment' will mean 'more taxpayers money please'

Work only began on the white elephant farm the day beforeon Thursday.

"Lang Banks, director of environmental group WWF Scotland, said: "Donald Trump will probably spill his coffee when he hears that investigation work has begun on this offshore wind test facility. Despite his bluster, it's clear that Scotland has no intention of being held back in its renewables ambitions by the threat of his legal challenge.

I wonder if Mr Banks spilled his skinny latte at the news the following day that the white elephant farm was looking doubtful.

The Aberdeen Bay project has already seen (pdf file) 1800 jobs lost as the nearby golf complex has decided not to expand due to the offshore eyesore.

The oil and gas industry are warning of a manpower crisis in Scotland if more investment isn't put into training. Over 90,000 engineers will be required to meet current and future demand while £230m is wasted on this 'experimental project'.

Offshore windfarms are an expensive disaster and have been scaled back elsewhere in the world as the problems multiplied.

Germany has recently announced the commissioning of 23 coal fired power stations as it's dabbling in onshore and offshore windfarms has proved costly and threatened their crucial energy sector.

It looks like Scotland will continue building these follies while global warming caused by man made CO2 isn't actually happening. The UK met office recently revealed that there's been no increase in global temperatures for nearly 20 years while CO2 emissions worldwide have multiplied.

Yet the 'low carbon' madness goes on.

Friday 10 May 2013

SNP Government admits it's helpless to protect Dundonians from triple axe murderer.

With news that triple axe killer Thomas McCulloch had 'finally snapped' in Dundee yesterday the SNP Government has admitted that it's powerless to do anything about his release as Scottish Law is subservient to European Law.

The Scottish Government told The Courier newspaper that the triple killer's release is "a matter for Europe ".

"Scottish Government sources have made it known they are unhappy with McCulloch’s release, but stressed they were unable to do anything about the decision".

What a sad indictment. Our leaders admit to handing over their powers to Europe and leaving the rest of us to worry while they wash their hands of the affair. Nothing can be done. It's all Europe's fault.

A once proud country letting others decide what's best for us and leaving us helpless.


(Photo above is the SNP Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill).

Thursday 9 May 2013

Elizabeth 'Queen of Scots' backs the Union.

I'd wondered where the Queen stood on independence for her subjects in Scotland but her position was confirmed in her speech at the state opening of the London Parliament the other day when she said..

"My Government will continue to make the case for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.”

It's disappointing that she's not taken a neutral line but it's good that we know her views.

The rest of the speech was the usual pointless drivel. Rubber stamping the latest EU laws while pretending that they're our laws really.

Black Rod put on his tights and knocked on the door to parliament summoning the MPs' to hear the Queens's speech but had the door slammed in his face 3 times ( symbolising the independence of parliament). What a farce with the EU now making up most of our laws without as much as a "shut that door Everard "

Bald man in tights.(Ed: Wullie Hague or Black Rod ?)...

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Triple axe murderer released in Dundee.

Triple axe murderer Thomas McCulloch ( seen in photo above on day release in Dundee) was freed from prison today after spending over 30 years behind bars. He was involved in the notorious breakout from Carstairs in 1976 with killer Robert Mone.

From The Courier....

" McCulloch murdered three men during a bloody break-out from Carstairs State Hospital with Dundee killer Robert Mone in 1976.

Hospital worker Neil McLellan, 46, and patient Iain Simpson were struck down by McCulloch with an axe.

McCulloch used the weapon to hack off Mr Simpson’s ears during the infamous break-out.

After making it over the perimeter fence, the duo also killed PC George Taylor, 27. While on the run, the pair maimed two workmen and held a family hostage.

McCulloch was initially sent to Carstairs State Mental Hospital in 1970 after attempting to kill two hotel workers over a row about a sandwich."

Both he and Mone were given life sentences after the break-out.

Despite being told they would die in jail, they used human rights laws to secure fixed sentences of 30 years, after which they would be eligible for parole."

Life was supposed to mean life in this case but as usual the European Court of Human Rights overruled UK Law and allowed him to go free.

The UK no longer has authority over sentencing.

Monday 6 May 2013

Tony collects his bus pass.

Tony Blair will celebrate his 60th Birthday today and will be eligible for his bus pass.

Bus travel is relatively safe in the UK although this isn't the case in other parts of the world. Places like Iraq for example....

Tony was found guilty in a court in Malaysia of crimes against humanity and genocide for his invasion of Iraq and they called for him to be put in a war crimes court.

Tony might be wise not to go on a bus tour of Malaysia....

Tony left Iraq in ruins....

And hundreds of thousands of lives in ruins...

While he set up a 'faith foundation' and made himself a multi millionaire.

However maybe the devil will have the last laugh and will be waiting for Mr Blair.

Mathew 19:24...." And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

I can't see Tony or his fragrant wife giving up their millions anytime soon.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Buckfast 'tonic' wine won't be affected by minimum pricing...despite what MSPs' say.

With news that Buckfast has been linked to nearly 7,000 crimes in Scotland in the last 3 years some MSPs' think that the minimum pricing of alcohol to 50p a unit will help to solve the problem.

"Alison McInnes MSP, the Scottish Lib Dems’ justice spokeswoman, said: “A bottle of tonic wine might be cheap but these figures show Scotland pays a high price for the ­problems that ­excessive drinking can cause in our communities.

“We have already seen moves towards minimum pricing that will help reduce problem drinking.

A 75cl bottle of buckfast costs about £6.80p and contains about 11 units of alcohol.

At 50p per unit minimum price under the new proposals then buckfast is already about £1.50 above the minimum price per bottle that would be set so wouldn't be affected.

Friday 3 May 2013

Minimum pricing for alcohol circus goes to court.

The SNP have won a 'landmark victory' over minimum pricing for alcohol apparently.

The Scotch Whisky Association challenged the minimum 50p a unit legislation to be introduced by the Scottish Government in the Scottish Courts.

"A ruling by Lord Doherty found the proposals are not contrary to EU law and could be justified on health grounds".

"It also found there was no need to refer to the European Court of Justice for a ruling on EU law. The SWA has 21 days to appeal the ruling."

Dream on. Scottish Law is subservient to European Law and there's no way that European importers are going to allow Scotland to put special taxes on their products contrary to EU free trade agreements.

So more money will be wasted as the circus now moves on to the real seat of power in the European Courts of Justice.

While we pretend that our court judgements actually mean anything these days.

Labour win South Shields. A sad day for democracy.

South Shields 'voted' for their new MP yesterday. The red rosette was pinned onto the latest airhead ( Miss Buck )after Dave Milliband went off to earn more money in New York.

Emma Buck ( scots slang... "I'm a dollar" ) was quick out of the traps declaring on Sky News that she was going to fight the Tory 'bedroom tax'

She's a bit slow there. Labour could have defeated the bedroom tax the other week but didn't bother. 44 Labour MPs' failed to show up for the vote, which the government won by 41 votes.

Oh and the bedroom tax was first introduced by Labour for private landlords and this was just an extension to the tax.

Postal voting accounted for 60% of the overall vote. Before Tony Blair changed the system in 2001 you had to be housebound or fighting for your country to get a postal vote. Now most folk in some towns use their postal vote if South Shields is anything to go by. We had the famous Glenrothes by election a few years ago in Scotland where Lindsay Roy ( Labour) won with a massive 6,000 postal votes. The ballot boxes mysteriously 'disappeared' I seem to remember.

Postal voting is turning the UK into a 'banana republic' according to a judge in 2005.

"Richard Mawrey QC, presiding over a special election court in Birmingham, warned that there were no realistic systems in place to detect or prevent postal voting fraud.....he found six Labour councillors in Birmingham guilty of carrying out "massive, systematic and organised" postal voting was carried out with the full knowledge and cooperation of the local Labour party....Mr Mawrey condemned the government for refusing to change the postal voting system...he said the system for registering postal vote applications was "hopelessly insecure". There was no way of checking whether the person who had applied for the vote was the legitimate voter....Postal ballots were sent out in ordinary mail and were clearly identifiable. "Short of writing "STEAL ME" on the envelopes, it is hard to see what more could be done to ensure their coming into the wrong hands," he said"

On a cheerier note, the Lib Dems lost their deposit for the 5th time since Nick 'solemn pledge' Clegg gave up his principles for a sniff of the limo leather.

Scary anti Scottish independence story found inside a scary anti indepedence story.

I was reminded of Russian dolls when I read minutes from the report from Ming Campbell which was mentioned in Scary anti independence story number 8761234 which explained how we would lose our seat at the 'top table' in New York etc if Scotland gained independence.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was giving evidence and the following exchange took place...

Q235 Chair: Are you aware how many treaties the UK has at the moment?

Nicola Sturgeon: Yes. There are several thousand treaties.

Chair: 14,000.

It's the famous scare story about the 14,000 treaties requiring 'renegotiation' should Scotland gain independence. !!!

Further investigation revealed that the treaties were mostly obsolete and included treaties with long dead African Kings from long dead countries etc

Oh and I see the 'Chair' was none other than Richard 'tricky dickie' Ottoway who achieved fame in the expenses scandal for a £5,000 bed from Harrods, repairs to his tractor, chimney sweeps and second home allowance expenses etc

I think he plans to step down as an MP in 2015 but that's looking wobbly as he reconsiders.

The rest of the Foreign Affairs Committee panel present when Nicola gave evidence were 'interesting'...

Richard Ottaway (Chair)...Tory Unionist....stepping down at the next election ?

Mr Bob Ainsworth..........Labour Unionist..stepping down at the next election ?

Mr John Baron.............Tory Unionist...supports an EU referendum.

Sir Menzies Campbell......Lib Dem Unionist...likes 'scatter cushions'.

Mr Frank Roy..............Labour Unionist.....links to Helen Liddle.

Sir John Stanley..........Tory Unionist....stepping down at the next election ?

Rory Stewart..............Tory Unionist...Bilderberger and Afghanistan expert.

If you read the exchanges between Nicola Sturgeon and the committee you will see she gave as good as she got..

Q232 Chair: By saying that these can be settled by good men and true sitting down and having a mature conversation-

Nicola Sturgeon: There might be a couple of women involved as well, you never know.

Thursday 2 May 2013

Scary anti Scottish independence story number 8761234

This is embarrassing. I was going to report on the latest scare story about independence but can't find any reference to the report anywhere.

Ming Campbell,Lib Dem MP ( away on a mission with 111(F) Sqn to fight the cybernats in above pic) was saying on tv last night that he'd done a report on independence with some other unionists and amazingly they found that it would indeed be armageddon or something if it happened. We'd lose our slot at the top table in New York. The UN wouldn't want us. Ditto the EU etc etc.

The thing that caught my attention was he said that the US respects us because of our 'independent nuclear deterrent'.

He must know that we can't operate or maintain Trident without US help. I thought it was time to show this comedy video again which explains how 'independent' the nuclear deterrent really is..........

Ming couldn't save 111(F)Sqn from the chop. Or RAF Leuchars for that matter. I always wondered if he blamed Danny Alexander for getting RAF Leuchars closed down for fighter aircraft operations while keeping RAF Lossiemouth open.

UPDATE : Scot goes Pop has the main findings of the report here

And the actual report can be found here

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Back to the Future.

I was approaching Dundee from Fife today via the Tay Road Bridge and was just about to get annoyed as the traffic started building up due to the roadworks when this song came on the wireless and mellowed me out...

And then I realised that the song was released in the UK in 1976. The same year as the 'most hated building in Dundee' was completed. The infamous council building..Tayside House......

Unlike Tayside House, the Gladys Knight classic will live forever so I enjoyed listening to the song as Tayside House was being demolished...

Tayside House is being removed to make way for the new Waterfront Development ( Ed : And because it looks horrible and costs a fortune to maintain) and you can monitor the progress here. The scaffolding went up about a year ago but it has to be removed carefully as there's a railway line running underneath the building.

Tayside House in it's heyday...