Friday 3 May 2013

Scary anti Scottish independence story found inside a scary anti indepedence story.

I was reminded of Russian dolls when I read minutes from the report from Ming Campbell which was mentioned in Scary anti independence story number 8761234 which explained how we would lose our seat at the 'top table' in New York etc if Scotland gained independence.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was giving evidence and the following exchange took place...

Q235 Chair: Are you aware how many treaties the UK has at the moment?

Nicola Sturgeon: Yes. There are several thousand treaties.

Chair: 14,000.

It's the famous scare story about the 14,000 treaties requiring 'renegotiation' should Scotland gain independence. !!!

Further investigation revealed that the treaties were mostly obsolete and included treaties with long dead African Kings from long dead countries etc

Oh and I see the 'Chair' was none other than Richard 'tricky dickie' Ottoway who achieved fame in the expenses scandal for a £5,000 bed from Harrods, repairs to his tractor, chimney sweeps and second home allowance expenses etc

I think he plans to step down as an MP in 2015 but that's looking wobbly as he reconsiders.

The rest of the Foreign Affairs Committee panel present when Nicola gave evidence were 'interesting'...

Richard Ottaway (Chair)...Tory Unionist....stepping down at the next election ?

Mr Bob Ainsworth..........Labour Unionist..stepping down at the next election ?

Mr John Baron.............Tory Unionist...supports an EU referendum.

Sir Menzies Campbell......Lib Dem Unionist...likes 'scatter cushions'.

Mr Frank Roy..............Labour Unionist.....links to Helen Liddle.

Sir John Stanley..........Tory Unionist....stepping down at the next election ?

Rory Stewart..............Tory Unionist...Bilderberger and Afghanistan expert.

If you read the exchanges between Nicola Sturgeon and the committee you will see she gave as good as she got..

Q232 Chair: By saying that these can be settled by good men and true sitting down and having a mature conversation-

Nicola Sturgeon: There might be a couple of women involved as well, you never know.

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