Wednesday 29 May 2013

Pointless Minister reinforces her pointlessness.

Lib Dem Women and Equalities Minister Jo Swinson ( above left in yellow top) says parents should stop telling their children that they're beautiful as it will give them body confidence issues later in life.

It's ok to praise them for finishing a jigsaw puzzle though.

I'm glad she wasn't my mum or aunty. Like most kids I was glad of any praise as a boost to my self esteem while trying to grow up in a cruel world.

Lib Dems probably didn't get much praise when they were kids. It would explain why they're mostly a weird bunch of misfits and creeps. Regular expenses troughers with no problem breaking pledges and promises.

Getting into power is probably a way of getting back at all the bullying they received in school. Their chance to make our lives a misery with all their bullshit ideas.

Billions of years of evolution mean that this weirdos ideas will be ignored. A parents urge to love and nurture their offspring will override any instructions from this fruitcake.

An 'Equalities Minister' who voted to support the very 'unequal' bedroom tax by the way.

And failed to take proper action after allegations of sexual impropriety by Lord Rennard were reported to her. She said she couldn't do anything as no one had made a 'formal complaint'. She went to ground instead. Bless.


  1. Is she marching her delinquent sibling to remedial classes?

    Only 15 months left of having these nincompoops invading our ear holes uninvited..

  2. hi cynical...I think they're holding hands. I hope he doesn't tell her she's beautiful. It would give her 'body confidence issues' when she grows up and make her angry.

  3. No one ever told me I was beautiful, as far as I remember.

    Why on earth do these idiots (of whatever party) think that they have some god given right to tell us how to live our lives?

    It's sod all to do with her whether I tell my kids that they are beautiful or not. Is she a psychologist, or a psychiatrist? Nope. She has a degree in management from the LSE.

    OK, so she should maybe concentrate on getting some management into her party and the thick useless British government.

  4. Hi tris...yes it would be good if they stepped back sometimes and looked at how stupid they sound to normal people. They're trapped in their little bubble I suppose. Immune from reality.


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