Thursday 2 May 2013

Scary anti Scottish independence story number 8761234

This is embarrassing. I was going to report on the latest scare story about independence but can't find any reference to the report anywhere.

Ming Campbell,Lib Dem MP ( away on a mission with 111(F) Sqn to fight the cybernats in above pic) was saying on tv last night that he'd done a report on independence with some other unionists and amazingly they found that it would indeed be armageddon or something if it happened. We'd lose our slot at the top table in New York. The UN wouldn't want us. Ditto the EU etc etc.

The thing that caught my attention was he said that the US respects us because of our 'independent nuclear deterrent'.

He must know that we can't operate or maintain Trident without US help. I thought it was time to show this comedy video again which explains how 'independent' the nuclear deterrent really is..........

Ming couldn't save 111(F)Sqn from the chop. Or RAF Leuchars for that matter. I always wondered if he blamed Danny Alexander for getting RAF Leuchars closed down for fighter aircraft operations while keeping RAF Lossiemouth open.

UPDATE : Scot goes Pop has the main findings of the report here

And the actual report can be found here


  1. Scot goes Pop's James has a story on it... (link on MR)

    Brilliant video. All the Brits can manage is their flag, which excludes Wales. if I were Welsh I'd be asking for a tax refund.

  2. hi tris..cheers, I've updated my post.

  3. errrkkk scary pic cynical ;)


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