Monday 20 May 2013

Anti Scottish independence scare stories losing their mojo.

The scare stories about the dangers of Scottish independence have reached such a fever pitch that people are automatically switching off and waiting for the weather forecast. This is my scientific conclusion after observing those closest to me as the next Unionist is wheeled on to claim " We're doomed Captain . Doomed I tell you".

"Stand down Corporal Fraser they're not listening to us anymore" advised a scare story spokesperson.

Mikey Moore ( pictured surveying a Scottish oil rig above) says our savings, pensions and investments will be doomed if we vote yes to independence.

Ten out of ten for cheek I suppose.

I don't think there's anything left for them to rip us off with while part of the Union.

Libor ( inter bank lending ) rate.....check. Ripped off. Mortgages more expensive than they should be due to collusion between banks

Endownments......check. Massive misselling fraud.

Savings.....check. 30% drop in net worth as savings de valued as they print money to bailout their pals in the city. The spivs and banksters who crashed the system. Over a trillion pounds in bailouts and no arrests but thousands thrown on the dole.

PPI ( payment protection insurance )...check. Massive misselling and compensation running to millions.

Gold...check. Massive market rigging crashing the price of gold. Not down to Gordon Brown crash yet but going down.

Silver...check. Massive market rigging crashing price.

Food ....check. Buying up food production land with bailout cash and sitting on the land causing food shortages and so higher prices.

Energy..check. Collusion between energy providers and massive handouts in rent to landowners for windmills. Usually some Lord or other such sponger.

Petrol....check. Collusion between oil companies to keep prices high. And so food prices and other goods that require transportation.

Travel...check. The most expensive rail tickets in the world to help fund private companies who run our railways.

International money laundering...check. HSBC fined over a billion pounds in the US for assisting the laundering of Mexican drug money.

Private pensions...check. Once the envy of the world. Stripped bare by Gordon Brown scrapping their tax breaks. £100Bn robbed from them in a decade to fund new Labour's social engineering schemes.

Updates ...

Credit card protection (CCP)....check. Billion pound rip off. Not required but customers conned into taking it out. Compensation in a few years time maybe.

Co op bank.... run by an alleged junkie and alleged fraudster called Reverend Flowers.....supposed to be an ethical bank. Funded the Labour Party.

Thinking about it I can't think of a single product that hasn't been used to thrash us to death with corruption and fraud in this 'United Kingdom'. It's quite staggering really.

The City of London. The capital of the world in fraud and corruption.

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