Saturday 18 May 2013

More Harry Potter than 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum'.

Another trustee from Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA... pay circa £18k) who was branded a 'Scottish Nationalist fascist scum' by Nigel Farage of UKIP was actually a former Marlwood schoolboy (est 1606) who pitched to be president of the EUSA and is Chief Historian of the bunting society.

Here he pitches to be president...

Mike was lifted by Police Force Scotland for pouring coca cola over Lord Monckton. Allegedly.

Mike tweeted: "Ukip protest today branded as 'anti-English.' As a proud Englishman, arrested today for protesting, I dispute these claims."

The EUSA's president James McCash offered Mr Shaw his support today.

Student demos aint what they used to be !


  1. I'm find it funnier by the minute in how the MSM are falling for this whole charade of UKIP being creditable but since they have swallowed the Labour party for years as being left wing one needs to question the integrity of these so called journalists no wonder the UK is crumbling.

    Politicians south of the border are treated as 'gods' because of media protection and the masses cannot see that they are sleepwalking into 1984.

    The sooner we are out of this charade of a democracy the better.

  2. hi cynical...charade of democracy right enough. I can't really see any way out of the mess we're in.
    Everything seems broken beyond repair.


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