Sunday 26 May 2013

Jim Murphy writes in the Daily Mail.

We don't see or hear much from Jim ( Labour Shadow Defence Secretary) so I was interested to hear what he had to say about the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby in London by muslim terrorists.

Here's some of his comments. With my thoughts.

From his article....

"The country reacted with collective revulsion"

No. According to MI5 there are 2,000 muslim terror cells in the UK at the moment wanting to do us harm. That's thousands of muslims who will have rejoiced at Lee's murder.

"The barbaric act of terror, so graphic on our TV screens, will not go unpunished and nor will it be forgotten.

Lee's murderers will have an easy life in jail and if they get any hassle then they will complain to the ECHR who will tell us what to do with them.

After the 7/7 attacks we ploughed hundreds of millions into projects to re educate radical muslims while forgetting about the victims.

"Our nation is a remarkable blend of modernity and enduring institutions including the Monarchy, NHS and the BBC."

That's why you started privatising the NHS is it ? And as for the BBC. Enough already said about that rancid institution.

The BBC provides a regular platform for Islamic 'hate preachers' to vent their spleen at us while making programmes that undermine confidence in Armed Forces charities such as 'Help for Heroes'.

"Their [ Armed Forces] acts of collective courage and individual ingenuity in the dust and danger of battlefields overseas is awe-inspiring.

Yes it is. Despite being sent to fight in illegal wars by your government and being poorly equipped with light skinned land rovers and having no personal body armour for themselves.

You sent them off to war despite admitting to being clueless about the socio-political situations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Historians have written hundreds of books on the subject over centuries. All ignored by newLabour apparently.

"We can give to one of our great military charities by all means but let’s do something else as well.

How about relieving the pressure on charities and providing proper care for our servicemen and women ? We can spend billions fighting overseas wars but then leave it to charities to pick up the pieces. Disgraceful. I can remember there being four military hospitals but don't think there are any now.

"We all know that during the 1970s and 1980s the Forces were advised not to wear uniforms off base because of IRA/INLA terrorism."

No. It wasn't 'advised' It was totally banned. I remember it well. And the ban continued until we surrendered to the IRA in the 1990's.

"But we should all ask ourselves: ‘What am I personally going to do in memory of all of those who have been lost, including Lee Rigby, or injured, or who still serve today?

If you had a heart then you would resign as Shadow Defence Secretary and allow someone who is more able to take up the post. You're totally clueless and out of your depth. Our armed forces are being cut to the bone and you're the invisible man. Be a man and get out of the way.


  1. Jim can certainly haver. It occurs to me he may well be as stupid as Margaret Curren. Just a few wee points Jim.

    If we spent as much money on trying to de-radicalise radical Muslims as we do bombing their countries to get our hands on their oil, then maybe the scheme would have worked, but of course, we spent an infinitesimal fraction on that kind of thing. And MI5 couldn't find their collective arses with both hands. Like most of Whitehall it is a shambles.

    What can we do to remember people killed in wars that you lot start to please your masters?

    We can demand that you treat the soldiers and sailors decently when you send them on your wars; we can demand that you give them decent equipment and we can demand that if and when they come back injured you treat them as a matter of course, not by the grace of some charity.

    But military personnel are not the only people who suffer in wars. In Baghdad, during "Shock and Awe" there were ordinary Iraqis sitting inn their living rooms watching tv when their world was shattered; their house ruined; their kids dead or maimed; their loved pets dead... and that's all down to your government. So we can demand that you bloody well stop doing that.

    Oh and Jim, the BBC, please don’t make me laugh. They spent money like its water and they turn blind eyes to all manner of arty stuff, like rape and paedophilia… And the NHS in Scotland is still a decentish organisation, but there soon won't be one in England. You'd really think you were the only people who had health care for their citizens. pratt.

    The monarchy is not modern either. I'm not saying you can't have modern monarchy. The Dutch manage it; the Scandinavians, but the Brits? Get a grip man. What did it cost us a few weeks ago to get the Queen and Phil the Greek, and Charlie and Mrs Parker Bowles all crowned up and sitting in the Lords, reading some shit that Cameron had written? In Scotland the First Minister reads the programme to parliament. That's just common sense. We all know that the Queen has nothing whatsoever to do with writing it.

    Yeah, on reflection you are as stupid as Curren.

  2. Just a thought but Jim Murphy and the Daily Mail seem to be well suited.

  3. hi tris..yes I'm at a loss as to why he's Shadow Defence Secretary. Poor communication skills, no knowledge of defence, letting the Tories destroy our armed forces, invisible during key debates etc etc.

    Drunken thug Eric the Joyce would probably do a better job.


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