Friday 3 May 2013

Minimum pricing for alcohol circus goes to court.

The SNP have won a 'landmark victory' over minimum pricing for alcohol apparently.

The Scotch Whisky Association challenged the minimum 50p a unit legislation to be introduced by the Scottish Government in the Scottish Courts.

"A ruling by Lord Doherty found the proposals are not contrary to EU law and could be justified on health grounds".

"It also found there was no need to refer to the European Court of Justice for a ruling on EU law. The SWA has 21 days to appeal the ruling."

Dream on. Scottish Law is subservient to European Law and there's no way that European importers are going to allow Scotland to put special taxes on their products contrary to EU free trade agreements.

So more money will be wasted as the circus now moves on to the real seat of power in the European Courts of Justice.

While we pretend that our court judgements actually mean anything these days.

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