Tuesday 14 May 2013

Photoshop man trousers £400,000 per annum at Ministry of Truth.

'Stinky' Purnell, the former 'Blair babe' is to pocket nearly £400K plus exes at the Ministry of Truth as their new 'Director of Strategy and Digital'.

I think £400K works out at about 3,000 tv license taxes. The equivalent of a small town supporting stinkies wages.

Stinky got the name 'photoshop man' after it was admitted that pictures of him attending a PFI ( private finance initaitive ....pay ten times for the hospital but keep it off the books ) hospital opening had been faked using photoshop. He wasn't able to attend the opening so they left a gap for him and pasted him in later....

He got the nickname 'stinky' after leaving his Covent Garden flat like a pigsty. He was a keen trougher during the 'MPs' expenses scandal' so this was to be expected. Despite charging us for 'professional cleaners' he handed the flat back to the landlord looking like this...

And this...

Stinky will fit in perfectly at the Ministry of Truth and won't even have to hold his nose at the stink.


  1. How they all fall on their feet. I wonder what Huhne the Buffoon will get for himself...

    Did he get the severance pay due to a cabinet minister to tide him over when he was doing stir?

  2. hi tris...I read that the huhnatic is lined up for a job at some taxpayer funded global warming scam company.

    He took 'what he was entitled to' before his 9 weeks at the holiday camp.


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