Tuesday 21 May 2013

Indebted banks no longer Scotland's problem after independence ?

Here's a sort of good news story about independence dressed up as a bad news scare story by The Scotsman newspaper.

"Scottish independence: RBS and HBOS may leave".

"Royal Bank of Scotland and the Bank of Scotland would find it harder to 
finance their operations, according to Sir John Gieve, undermining Scotland’s position as a global finance centre."

I thought these banks were mostly owned by the taxpayer ? And that 'Bank of Scotland' was bought over by Halifax years ago and then became part of the 'Lloyds Banking Group' when Gordon Brown gave them a copper bottomed guarantee ( and billions in bailout money) allowing them to carry on as normal. Including taking billions in bonuses while still sucking at the taxpayers teat ?

So two alleged bankrupt zombie banks with a bottomless pit of yet unknown debts waiting to be discovered will leave Scotland after independence ? Doesn't sound too bad. A burden that will no longer be our problem hopefully. Although in truth we're in hock for 10% of their debts while not being allowed to keep sterling and tie in with the Bank of England monetary policy. This banking is confusing. It's at the top of the capitalist system until it fails and then it's bailed out. Going against the principles of capitalism.

Heads they win. Tails we lose.

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