Tuesday 28 May 2013

Hague's tweet signs death warrant for thousands in Syria.

Foreign Secretary William Hague ( in photo above left ) was cock a hoop tonight at the decision of the EU to end the embargo on supplying weapons to Syria.

His tweet read....

"Right EU decision tonight. Arms embargo on Syrian opposition ended. No immediate decision to send arms. Other sanctions remain".

10:48 PM - 27 May 2013

Mr Hague plans to send arms to the 'moderate' rebels in Syria.

This has raised a few eyebrows as the most powerful 'rebel' factions are mainly bloodthirsty Al Qaeda supporters. How on earth are we to ensure that they don't just take the weapons for themselves ?

The 'rebels' include Abu Sakkar a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade who likes to eat the hearts of dead Syrian soldiers.

Or Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani who has pledged allegiance to the leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The 'rebels' are also accused of using the deadly nerve agent sarin according to war crimes prosecutors.

China and Russia will now feel obliged to supply more weapons to the Syrian regime leading to a total bloodbath.

So what is it all about ?

Why are we planning to expend yet more blood and treasure on yet another quagmire ? Weren't the disasters of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya et al enough for us ?

According to this report it's all about the planned natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey via Syria and then onwards to the rest of Europe. This will negate the need to rely on the politically sensitive Russian gas. We need a compliant regime ( Muslim Brotherhood again ? ) running the show in Syria to make it happen. Assad is not playing the game properly. Like Gaddafi, Hussein etc he will have to go .

If you don't play the game then you're eliminated.

And now more of our best young men and women will end up fighting and dying for big business. Dying or being maimed or being broken mentally. Or making it home in one piece to be murdered by the enemy within.

Or humiliated by Hague's government.

The 'great game' must go on.


  1. No no no.

    You are failing to see that without British intervention and the years of knowledge about running the word inherited by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, all these countries would be in chaos.

    Oh wait. We are warned that following our intervention in Libya it is heading towards being a failed state.

    Iraq is a bit of a mess too, more people dying in the average day now that used to under the murderous regime of Sadam.

    Egypt is doing fine though. And Mr Cameron was right there on day one, pointing out that he was the first Western leader to go there. Now perhaps he knows why more experience, more intelligent leaders didn't want to associate themselves with this.

    Afghanistan is just waiting for 2014 so that it can take back its own country and run it the way it wants to. As a Scottish Independence supporter, I can see that.

    Syrian rebels are a disparate lot. Many of them good men wanting a better life; many of them bad men with links to Al Qa'ida.

    I wonder when the UK will get it into its head that it hasn't a bloody clue how to deal with any of these things. And while it wastes billions of taxpayers' money pretending that it does and that its politicians are in fact "leaders" rather than grubby little spivs with their eye on the main chance, it leaves 'ordinary people' in the UK, mainly in London, who don't enjoy the same level of protection as aforementioned "leaders" in line for revenge attacks.

    After all, when it looked like Germany was going to invade England, what did the Brits do?

    It wouldn't be so bad if the 'ordinary person' would in any way benefit from cheap gas... but, years of experience of living in this shit hole of a country tells me that they won't. Not a brass bean.

  2. Stupid stupid stupid the intellect of Westminster.

  3. hi tris...Yes we never seem to learn from our past mistakes. Obsessed with meddling in other people's fights and making things worse.

    hi cynical....I think Hague is more 'controlled from above' than just plain stupid.

  4. I think Hague is controlled by Washington DC. He one of Foxy's and Werrity's atlanticists.

  5. hi tris...probably right. He flipped 180 degrees on all of his previous views when he got into power so someone has his gonads in a vice somewhere.

  6. Well, I hope they squeeze it very hard.

  7. hi tris...yes squeeze it properly. White knuckles then an extra half turn for good measure.


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