Sunday 26 May 2013

More rubbish scare stories from 'The Scotsman' while it looks for new friends.

Circulation of 'The Scotsman' and 'Scotland on Sunday' has followed 'The Herald' newspaper and is collapsing.

"The Scotsman's sales in January 2013 were recorded as 32,435, only 21,806 of which were sold at the full cover price. That represented a year-on-year drop of 17.5% from 2012.

'Scotland on Sunday's' circulation fall, to a January average of 38,493, was worse. That was 24% fewer than in January 2012".

So, supporting the Labour Party and Unionists, writing daily anti SNP stories, shedding quality staff, increasing the price and generally doing everything it can to get rid of loyal customers ( myself included ) has failed to save the paper ?

Shocking. How could that be ? Tis a mystery right enough.

The new plan to save 'The Scotsman' is to invite 'friends' to contribute articles to the paper for a fee. This might add up to 4 pages to the disappearing organ.

Paying to have your articles printed in a newspaper ? They'll be exciting then. Cannae wait to read them corkers.

However...."Individuals, companies and political parties cannot become friends".

Oh dear. The Labour Party will be miffed at this. They had been getting on so well with The Scotsman as well. Ditto the other Unionist parties. Maybe Ms Lamont etc could comment as ahem... friends speaking in a private capacity ? Yes that might work.

Or better still ..let 'The Scotsman' report their statements instead. Like what they do at the moment.

That would be far easier. Ms Lamont etc don't seem to be the best of communicators so a nice tidy up and cut and paste from the remaining Scotsman journalists will spruce up their statements a bit for them.

Oh, I nearly forgot, today's anti SNP scare story was something to do with savers not having their savings guaranteed in an independent Scotland. The EU is very strict on protecting savers money apparently. Not strict enough to stop the EU from shafting savers in Cyprus of course. Ordering the theft of savings from the bank accounts of innocent savers in order to pay off the EU banksters who crashed the Cypriot economy.

The scare story is also in The Herald newspaper as well. Can't these two organs at least find a different anti independence scare story to report on ?

The weasels have probably given up trying to be original. That's so last century darling.

Of course the main story that should have been reported is why on earth the SNP want to be dictated to by the spivs and banksters in Brussels when they gain independence ? How 'independent' would Scotland be if we are run by the corrupt EU where they haven't had their accounts adudited in 15 years due to the billions that are stolen via the various scams available.

Instead we have the SNP rushing out a pathetic statement insisting that Scotland would comply with all EU regulations on people's savings ( that the EU don't actually follow themselves) like good little europhiles.

I wonder if I should pay 'The Scotsman' the £300 fee to be one of their 'friends' and contribute an article about EU corruption ? Or just blog it here for free ? Mmm have to think about that one.

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