Friday 10 May 2013

SNP Government admits it's helpless to protect Dundonians from triple axe murderer.

With news that triple axe killer Thomas McCulloch had 'finally snapped' in Dundee yesterday the SNP Government has admitted that it's powerless to do anything about his release as Scottish Law is subservient to European Law.

The Scottish Government told The Courier newspaper that the triple killer's release is "a matter for Europe ".

"Scottish Government sources have made it known they are unhappy with McCulloch’s release, but stressed they were unable to do anything about the decision".

What a sad indictment. Our leaders admit to handing over their powers to Europe and leaving the rest of us to worry while they wash their hands of the affair. Nothing can be done. It's all Europe's fault.

A once proud country letting others decide what's best for us and leaving us helpless.


(Photo above is the SNP Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill).

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