Friday, 11 January 2013

Weekly Review.

It was a funny old week. We got a peep at the latest fashions for men and what to expect to see coming down the High Street in the next few months...

The more mature man wasn't forgotten..

Kate got to see how she would look in 20 years time if she doesn't go easy on the doughnuts. The 'artist' was last seen being marched to The Tower...

Global warming was cancelled by the met office and China had it's coldest winter for 28 years with 1,000 ships stuck in the ice..

BBC Question Time returned to the screens and featured MP Nadine Dorries who had recently escaped from 'I'm a Celebrity' and demanded that we leave the EU and save £53m a day. Brains and Beauty !...

A passenger regretted asking for a free drink on a no frills airline..

Hard to find a suitable song to sum up the week but this one comes close...


  1. That would sum up most weeks, wouldn't it?

  2. hi tris... yeah you're right. Next week will be good as well. We're away to conquer Africa or something.
    I was in the shed today and knocked up that suit at the top of the page with some old wood panels. Looks ok apart from being a bit heavy. Will give it a try next week down the town and see if I tap off.


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