Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Prime Minister promises another EU referendum.

In 2018 apparently.

He's going to renegotiate with Brussels and " when the renegotiation is complete, probably around 2018, he’ll put the results to the British people "

As anyone with a passing knowledge of the EU knows there's no room for renegotiations with Brussels unless you use Article 50 and declare that you're leaving. The Lisbon Treaty is watertight on that score.

But the EU will be on life support by 2018 anyway and I doubt if we'll need a referendum to leave.

And haven't we been promised a referendum from Dave Cameron before ?

Hang on. I remember now. Cast iron it was as well....

" Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations. No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum"

Yes it's all coming back to me now...


  1. Dave's a joke.

    He will go down in history for his ineptitude.
    Despite a massively unpopular government which had been around for 13 years and had ruined the economy, and there being a half mad prime minister who was roundly hated, he couldn't even win a small majority with his nasty party.

    Since in government he has performed around 65 major u-turns on policy, not because of the constraints of coalition government, but because of incompetence in framing legislation.

    He has torn his own party to pieces over his European and gay marriage policies. He is hated from the right and the left. He has appointed a bunch of incompetent morons to his cabinet, there because of their background and old school ties, rather than for any kind of flair, talent, aptitude or even knowledge.

    His policies at home will almost certainly cause riots in the next year, in particular in England where they cannot be diluted by sensible government with a feeling for the population at large, rather than a tiny section of it.

    He is quite spectacularly the most inadequate prime minister I can remember, and I very much hope he will carry with him the title of prime minister who lost Scotland (and hopefully the Channel islands, IoM and Northern Ireland).

    England should never have gone into Europe. The English don't do foreigners unless they are lording over them. The whole of the UK suffers from island mentality, but in England in particular, where I lived for 12 years as a child, they have this innate sense of superiority. The only people they bow to in any way, are Americans, and only then reluctantly, while quietly sneering at their lack of savoir faire, breeding, taste, while being deeply envious of their money.

    They are not suited to equal partnership in Europe or any other place. Unless they are in charge they just don't get it.

    They also detest any pandering to lower orders. Health and Safety is nonsense because it hinders making more profit and human rights are unnecessary, because if you went to Eton or Charterhouse or any of the other great schools, chaps will see chaps alright. If you didn't you're not really human, probably of trades or servant class, and don't deserve any rights.

    OK...that's an exaggeration, but it does encapsulate the attitude, even as a distillate. If a foreigner is telling one what to do, it must necessarily be nonsense. Foreigners didn't go to decent schools and don't know things.

    De Gaulle warned of this and advised against the UK being allowed into the union. He was right. Heath was wrong.

    I really feel a different attitude here in Scotland, although we are so anglicised by our newspapers and tv most of which originate in, or is at least is owned by England/English interests, with just an edition (or magazine programme) for north Britain.

    Although we still have an island mentality, we don't have quite the same genuine fear of foreigners, or a feeling of total superiority to them. Perhaps our schools, although not as prestigious, are better equipped at passing on information. Who knows!

    Of course I know your feelings about the EU, Monty, and you know mine, and long ago we agreed that there was little point in discussing it and its merits or demerits. So I shan't attempt that.

    Suffice to say that Cameron is a liar. Of course he is, he's a politician whose only bash at anything else was being a PR man...a professional liar.

    So he will promise anything to anyone to get through the day. He won't be in a position to give anyone a referendum in 2018. I'd be surprised if he were not in the house of old Tories by then, with his coronet and ermine, playing at being a senior statesman. A role he might be not bad at, as it mainly involves attending state dinners at Windsor Castle, and obviously his education will have, above all, suited him to that.

  2. Didn't he go to Eton ? One of the leading charities in the UK which is always in the top 100 charities for donations.
    I think the Queen owns some of the Channel Islands. The IOM has gone. And Northern Ireland are in turmoil over a flag.
    Like you say he'll be a lord or get a cushy number in the EU. Not before he's covered the country in houses for the millions arriving from the expanded EU etc. And covered the rest with windmills.

  3. The channel island and the isle of Man are crown dependencies another ridiculous hang over from the days of empire. The queen may own land there as a citizen; it is not owned by the state. The islands are not in the EU, and their governments are separate from the UK one. Although CI citizens have the right of abode in the UK, the reverse is not true. The IoM has a more equal relationship with the UK.

    Yes, he went to Eton, where they teach, erm... which wine to drink with what and how low to bow to foreign royals, and not much else if he's an example of the standard of their education.

    maybe he won't make it to the HoL. If the riots get bad, he may be hanging from a lamp post. Now wouldn't that be a pity.

  4. He was in that Bullingdon club with Gideon and Boris. They supported local restaurants and wine bars with their custom so he isn't all bad ;)


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